Does the thought of writing a speech for your husband-to-be make you panic? Why not hire someone else to write it? I read an interesting article in Maclean’s about the growing number of wedding speech writers.   Brides use ’em.  Grooms use ’em. So do the moms, dads and wedding parties.

Another article in the Globe and Mail discusses the growing demand for wedding speech writers. Judging by the readers’ comments it looks like some people have a problem with it. They think it takes away from the sincerity of the speech. I think they have a point, however speechwriting can be a serious source of distress for some people. Not everyone is a wordsmith. Just like not everyone can bake and decorate a wedding cake. Or take dazzling wedding photos. That’s why we hire professionals.

I don’t think there is anything wrong with enlisting a professional to help you organize your thoughts and present them  in an articulate and entertaining fashion.  My only advice would be to make sure you find a writer whose style you enjoy. Read previous speeches and ask for references.

If I had the time I could really dig being a speechwriter. Now, if only one could hire someone to GIVE the speech.Save