I spent part of my morning strolling down the chocolate aisle at Shoppers Drug Mart. (It’s like Walgreens – except it’s Canadian.) My excuse? Easter. And since I have chocolate on the brain, (there’s a little bit on my shirt too), I thought I’d share printable candy bar wrappers from Rachel Ray. I think the design is lovely. Just click on the image and download the template.

You can also hop on over to Della Stella’s blog and learn how she made her printable candy bar wrappers. Amanda scanned a Hershey’s Special Dark label and modified it in Adobe Illustrator.

Still craving more candy bar wrappers? Creature Comforts has free printable candy bar wrappers (two sizes!) on her blog, along with instructions.

If you want candy bar wrappers, but you don’t feel like making them yourself, check out the gorgeous candy bar wrapper designs over at Karen Smallbone.