Green is my favorite color, so naturally I love it as a wedding color. Given that it’s St. Patty’s day, today’s post is all about the color green.

Let’s start with the edibles, shall we?

Green wedding cake.  (source)

st patricks day wedding cake

Green cupcakes. (source)

green wedding cupcakes

Pear lemon fizzies with green drink flags. (source)

Now, we’ll move on to flowers.

Green mum pomander. (source)

green mum pomander

Green bout. (source)

green boutGreen bouquets. (source)

green wedding bouquet

Green pom poms. So pretty. Learn how to make tissue paper pom poms. (source)

Green moss ring pillow. (source)

moss ring pillow

Green glasses for the sweet tea and lemonade station. (source)

lemonade station wedding

Green bridesmaids. I love how each maid is in a different shade. (source)

green bridesmaid dresses

And for the boys – love these. (source)

green wedding ties