Are you DIY wedding obsessed? Are you the type of bride who knows that you want handmade details throughout your wedding, but aren’t sure how to make them personal to you and your style? Look no further! Handmade Weddings: More Than 50 Crafts to Personalize Your Big Day by Eunice and Sabrina Moyle (founders of Hello!Lucky) and stylist Shana Faust show you exactly how to determine your style and how to apply it to your big day.

This book offers lots of guidance and ideas to inspire you, but its overall message is make your wedding personal. There are tons of great tips and the advice on where to look for the materials you’ll need for the DIY wedding projects in the book. You can also find a genius list of places to search for your inspiration.

The authors also give great tips about what is DIY, and which projects that are too time consuming and/or expensive to make yourself. They recommend making things that are one offs (a ring pillow, small signage, etc.) and have sentimental or keepsake value, but suggest items like furniture, multiples, and very detailed invitations are best to buy, rent or plan ahead.

One of the many, many, amazingly helpful items they provide in Handmade Weddings: More Than 50 Crafts to Personalize Your Big Day is a great checklist listing all of the handmade elements you may want to include in each part of your wedding. For example, the book reminds brides to not just think about invitations, but also save-the-dates, enclosures (accommodation recommendations and maps), rehearsal dinner invitations and/or thank you cards.

Each project in the book includes the level of difficulty – ranging from easy to advanced; the category of the item; how long it will take to complete the project; when to start the project; whether it will be best to make the project by yourself or with the aide of some fabulous and helpful friends; and lastly the budget requirements.

The crafting tips found in Handmade Weddings: More Than 50 Crafts to Personalize Your Big Day are of course also incredibly helpful. The ladies suggest starting with a prototype – which is always a great idea when you think of how terrible it would be to have made 100 invites only to realize you misspelled your future spouse’s name! The book also reminds brides to take their time with the projects. Lastly, Handmade Weddings reminds brides to have fun! Isn’t that your mantra for your wedding day anyway? It’s a great sense of accomplishment to see something you created from scratch come to fruition and it’s an experience you get to share with your friends!

The book gives six categories of style for you to pick and choose from. While you don’t have to pick just one, it’s great that they’ve provided a great selection of items – from invitations and veils to custom favors – in each of the style categories.

The categories are:

“Retro Homespun”, which is defined as sweet, rustic, charming and handmade. The most important elements of this style are “nostalgia for the crafts and comfort of a bygone era.” In this section you can find cute button enhanced invitations, embroidered welcome hoops, cupcake liner pom poms and more.

Next you have “Girly Romantic,” whose key descriptions are ethereal, pretty and delicate. This look is the ultimate fairy tale wedding style. Pretty, soft colors, macaroons and meringues, vintage silver and costume jewelry all add to this dreamy look.

“Happy Graphic” is such a fun category. Bright colors, bold fonts and chic details. Pop art is a great place to start for inspiration for this style!

“Organic Minimal” comes next which displays simple, fresh, and modern styles. This is a style that would look beautiful in a museum with burlap table linens and simple organic looking floral arrangements in neutral colors.

If your style is simple and chic, “Modern Classic” may be the look you like best. Kate Spade and Coco Chanel are great sources to seek out to complete this look.

The last style is “Found,” which may be my favorite. Its influences are  recycled, reused and vintage elements that all work together to create an eco-aware celebration. The colors are bright and cheerful with inspirations from Anthropologie, colorful maps reused for invitations, fabric scrap hair clips, clip board menus among other creative and unique projects.

Each style features a color palette;  font and texture suggestions; even wedding venue suggestions.

Handmade Weddings: More Than 50 Crafts to Personalize Your Big Day is incredibly informative and beautifully styled by the authors with stunning photos by Joseph De Leo. The authors supply templates, fonts, and graphics for you to create your own customizable menus, invitations, seating charts and much, much more. The ladies describe their book as being an aide to brides seeking “clever, creative, and budget-friendly” projects.  Handmade Weddings truly delivers and will leave you feeling empowered, inspired, and ready to craft!

Rebekah owns the even design company A & B Creative. Read Rebekah’s blog.