If you’re a Harry Potter fan, chances are you want to incorporate your love of all things magical in your wedding day. My Weekend is Booked, a literary-inspired gift box company, is here to help. MWB has a selection of pre-curated Harry Potter-inspired gift boxes that will make your besties swoon.

Cast a spell on your bride squad with the Accio Bridesmaid box filled with magical treats. 

Are any members of your bride squad part of the house of courage and bravery? They’ll adore this charming box!

Any bridesmaid that belongs in the house of serpents will swoon over this green and gold box that celebrates dark magic and mystery.

Reward your bride squad for their loyalty and patience with this box of wizardy goodness that celebrates the yellow and black. 

Your best witches will enchanted by this luxurious box that celebrates the house of wit and knowledge.

Take your bridesmaids on a trip to the enchanted land of castles, spells and magical creatures with the Mischief and Magic box.

Your bridesmaids will get more of a buzz from opening these coffee-themed boxes than they do from their morning coffees!