vintage teacup bird feeder

This adorable homemade bird feeder is a cinch to make and the perfect DIY wedding favor for an outdoor wedding. It also makes a perfect shower gift or bridesmaid gift. (I made some last year as teacher gifts and I will be doing the same this year.)

If your wedding is still a few months away, round up vintage teacups from garage sales, and second-hand stores. I found most of mine at second hand stores for $2 – $4 each.

Homemade Bird Feeder from Vintage Teacups Tutorial

You will need:

  • 3 feet of 1/2 inch copper plumbing pipe per bird feeder (I paid $4 for three feet at a hardware store)
  • copper cap
  • sand paper or sanding block
  • teacup
  • epoxy
    (I used 5 minute epoxy. If you are making a bunch of these go for the slower drying epoxy.)
  • mixing tray and bamboo stick
  • Q-tip
  • birdseed

Gather your vintage teacups.

vintage teacups

Gather other supplies, including epoxy.

five mintue epoxy

Sand bottom of copper cap.

diy bridesmaid gifts

Sand bottom of cup, inside of saucer and bottom of saucer. This will help to make them adhere better.

bridesmaid gift

bird feeder

bird feeder

Mix epoxy.

five minute epoxy

mixing epoxy

Place epoxy on rim of cup and inside of saucer.

garden ornament

diy garden ornament

Set cup on top of saucer and hold in place for a few seconds.

diy bird feeder garden

Let sit for half an hour. After it has set, turn it over and place a dab of epoxy on copper cap and back of saucer.

make your own birdfeeder

vintage birdfeeder

Let sit for half an hour. Meantime, sand copper pipe to bring out its sheen.

diy bird feeder

When set, place copper pipe inside the cap and poke into ground.

teacup birdfeeder

If giving these homemade bird feeders as favors or gifts, attach a small bag of birdseed. Your guests will love these – and so will the birds!

diy teacup birdfeeder