Choosing a small wedding venue is one of the most important decisions that you will make for your wedding. The venue will be one of your biggest expenses, and will set the tone for your wedding day.

Choosing the right venue for your small wedding might seem like a daunting task; there are so any factors that come into play when making your choice: cost, availability, atmosphere, convenience. But don’t fret. The perfect venue for your wedding is out there, and you are going to find it (with the help of the Intimate Weddings Venue Finder). These questions will help you decide on the right small wedding venue:

Zingerman’s Cornman Farms- Michigan  Photo: Dayna Mae Photography, Christian and Josh’s Elegant Michigan Wedding

Does this venue fit into my budget?

If you have a $15,000 budget, and have your eye on a $12,000 venue it’s time to regroup. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice other important wedding details over the venue, and you certainly shouldn’t take on a colossal amount of debt to pay for your wedding venue.

Venues can cost way more than first meets the eye. Some wedding venues don’t allow for the use of outside vendors, so you may end up far more than anticipated for a different photographer or caterer. Also, if the venue doesn’t provide essential details: chairs, altar, tables, etc. you will have to rent them, which can be quite costly. This is often the case when renting a venue that doesn’t typically host weddings.

If you really, truly have your heart set on an over-budget small wedding venue, here are a few ways that you can get the cost down:

Book off-season: Many venues offer significant discounts to couples who book outside of peak wedding season.

Ceremony only: Say your ‘I dos’ in the venue of your dreams, and host the reception at a less expensive venue.

Sweet and simple: Don’t opt for any add-ons: chair decor, furniture rentals etc.

Cambridge Mill

Is this venue what I want?

Maybe you feel pressure to book a large venue to fit an extra 50 extended family members, or your mom saw the venue and told you that you must book it. Whatever the case, don’t let outside pressure deter you from booking the small wedding venue that you truly want.

Is this venue practical?

Your wedding venue should not be like a pair of sparkly stilettos: super pretty, but totally impractical. If you’re planning a 70 guest wedding and the venue accommodates only 60 guests, you can’t expect to fit everyone in comfortably. Make sure to consider the ease of parking at the venue; you don’t want your elderly grandparents parking three blocks away from the venue due to lack of parking. Also, consider accessibility; if the venue doesn’t have an elevator, and the reception is on the top floor, some of your guests may not be able to attend.

Have I done enough research?

Before you rush out and book, make sure that you have done enough research about the venue. If you absolutely can’t tie the knot without Fido by your side, make sure that the venue is pet friendly. If the venue doesn’t allow alcohol, you may want to book a separate reception venue. Also, be sure to check the local events calendar to see if there are any major events near the venue on the same date as your wedding. The last thing you need is a music festival a block away taking up all of the parking space near the venue.

If you love the venue, and it’s on-budget and practical, all we can say is go for it!

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