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If I had to sell my possessions, and I was only allowed to keep enough stuff to fit inside the trunk of my car, my photo books would be coming with me. That’s how much they mean to me.

I am a shutterbug; I literally have tens of thousands of photos on my hard drive. Photo books force me to dig through this behemoth pile of pixels and pull out the gems before they succumb to the vacuous black hole (aka ‘the cloud’) that expedites them to the Land of the Forgotten. To bring these gems into the light of day in the form of a book is important work.  In fact, I am part of the first generation who captures life in megabytes; I feel it is my duty to make a hard copy of these moments before they are sucked into the tech wasteland that exists on the other side of crashed hard drives.

Transforming pixels into paper is beautiful alchemy with the right photo book company. Enter Mixbook. After using a different photo book service for my last three photo books, I recently seized the opportunity to give Mixbook a try.

muskoka photo book

When my completed book arrived at my door a few days ago, I was blown away by the quality. Mixbook uses only the highest-quality, heavy-weight papers that lend themselves beautifully to photographs. I ordered the  12″x 12″ Coffee Table Square Premium Lay Flat Hardcover, which I would highly recommend to anyone making a wedding photo book. It costs a bit more than the other book styles, but it’s well worth it. When you compare it to the expense of a photographer’s professional wedding album, which can cost thousands of dollars, it’s still an economical option for budget-minded brides willing to take on the creative process themselves.

mixbook photobook

mixbook photo book

mixbook travel

mixbook muskoka

The Mixbook interface is easy to work with; I wasn’t required to install any software on my computer – everything was completed online. I simply uploaded my photos, then chose from a myriad of templates, which are completely customizable. Mixbook has dozens of fonts to choose from, so finding a font that suited the book was easy.

It took me a couple of weeks to create my 87-page book; I worked on it when I had free time in the evenings, and as a person who can never find enough creative outlets, I  relished my evening photo book time. Not only did it give me the warm fuzzy feeling that comes from reminiscing about happy times, I felt I was doing meaningful work; my daughters would have something tangible to remind them of their childhood.

mixbook photo book

mixbook photo book

mixbook travel book

mixbook photos

mixbook photo

If the thought of making your own gorgeous photo book sounds enticing, head on over to Mixbook and input promo code IWBOOK for 40% off premium cards & 10×10 photo books – and 30% off site wide. Promo code expires 3/31.

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