This week we’ll be featuring some of the highlights from IW Bride Blogger Carey’s intimate wedding in New Hampshire. Take it away Carey!

careyBy Carey, IW Bride Blogger

I bought my wedding dress before we were officially engaged. It came out of a box some random morning at work (Anthropologie), and I gasped. That is it! I have loved it ever since. And it waited so patiently in a box inside my closet for me to finally wear it on our wedding day. When it finally went on sale, I bought a second dress which also waited patiently for me to finally have someone make a bolero out of the skirt for me. The friday night before we left for New Hampshire my dear partner Abigail and I cut the lace, pinned the pattern, and sewed a perfect little cover for my arms.

Really, I love that dress. And, I will probably wear it again at a party someday. Why not?

short lace wedding dress

bride twirling

Bride kneeling in fall leaves

Fall bride victory pose

My shoes were also from Anthropologie and designed by Sam Edelman.

red suede wedding shoes

bride in short lace dress and red shoes

bride and groom shoes