Lawn games are perfect for a summer wedding. They hearken back to a simpler time – and they make for amazing photo ops!

Lawn games are great fun to play and they help guests let their hair down and get to know each other better. They also keep your guests entertained during cocktail hour while you are busy getting photos taken.

To make your lawn games successful, do what this couple did: make adorable signage with instructions on how to play the games. That way your guests won’t have to be assisted and the signs are a great keepsake from your wedding.

Chalkboards as signs are a great idea.

Bocce ball is a great way to get your guests moving!

If your reception is at a park with lawn bowling, take advantage! You could even find someone that plays at the park regularly to give your guests a short lesson.

I’m completely in love with everything from the graphics to the colors of this mini golf themed reception. My favorite part is that the couple made stops along “the green” with signs and tokens from their story to tell their guests more about themselves.

Horseshoes and bean bag toss are classic games that you can do in smaller spaces if need be and I love the silhouette of the bride and groom on the bean bag toss (a game also know as Cornhole). It’s great that they used not only their faces, but their wedding colors as well on the games!

If you’ve got a game that needs further instruction or assistance, designate a friend to assist with that area to help guests retrieve their beanbags or horseshoes and to describe game rules for more complex games like bocce ball or lawn bowling. Flea markets, garage sales and ebay are great places to find the vintage games sets.

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