The kitchen is the heart of the home, where new dishes are tried and family recipes are perfected, so it’s only appropriate to register for items that will help you create your dream culinary space. Sur La Table has more than 9,000 products from the crème de la crème of home brands to make your dream a reality.


Their expansive collection of hand-picked and hand-crafted items from all around the world makes it easy to create the ultimate registry wish list, from artisanal syrups and seasonings for foodies to stainless steel grill baskets and pizza stones for the grill masters, charming cake pedestals and platters for the domestic goddess to cooking lessons and books for the kitchen novice.



Of course, there’s an art to creating a registry, from balancing price points to making sure you register for items that you’ll truly use (trust us, it’s very tempting to scan that crystal cake stand, even if you aren’t a baker). For advice, schedule a free registry appointment for one-on-one assistance with Sur La Table in-store experts to help guide you through creating the perfect gift list during which you can test-drive products, get acquainted with cutlery and receive tips on entertaining.


Now all you’ll need to do is write the thank-you notes …

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