the doomed groom in a polka dot blazer

He tried to please her with his surprise wedding day ensemble. He even took one of the invitations to the clothing store  to make sure the colors of his blazer matched the polka dots perfectly (without her knowing, of course). What he forgot was that his bride, who usually marched to her own beat, had succumbed to the stress of the big, wedding machine, and has suffered a change in personality. She had suddenly preferred elegance, over eccentricity. When she caught sight of her groom just moments before the ceremony, she nearly collapsed into a heap of despair. How could she stand at the altar with a man wearing a polka blazer?

Meanwhile, her friends over at Offbeat Bride were cheering wildly for the groom and his wonderful creativity. They called to her to snap out of her state of despair and return to herself. Her pre-wedding self. The one who loved her guy for who he was – even if it meant a  pink shirt, polka blazer and knickers exposing striped socks.

 “Thank you,” she said. “Thank you for reminding me of who I used to be.”

She embraced her groom and exclaimed: “I do, I do, I do.”