Welcome to the fabulous new Intimate Weddings! We love our fresh new face – and we hope you do too.

We’ve been working on re-branding Intimate Weddings to create a more visually appealing and user-friendly experience for many, many months. This has involved an enormous amount of coffee, cursing and time spent with butt on chair.  Sacrificed were: sleep, exercise, frolic, time spent with human children, time spent with fur children, time spent with partner doing anything other than talking shop, social contact with the outside world, and an overall sense of well-being. But here we are at the finish line. We may be a bit softer around the middle, a little bit frayed around the edges – but that’s nothing a few glasses of celebratory red wine can’t fix!

We worked with a DREAM DUO to make this awesomeness happen. Carolynn, from Two Brunettes, used her creative superpowers to design a site that is perfectly aligned with our vision of the new Intimate Weddings brand.  And our amazing WordPress Wizard, Otis from Example 7,  magically transformed the design into a lean, intuitive and super functional blog and venue finder.

Our newly designed intimate venue finder is a breeze to navigate (just input your city and state – or even just your state, and voila!), making it easy for you to hunt down the perfect small venue.

The new design also makes it easier for you to navigate through all of the amazing real intimate weddings that we’ve featured. We’ve categorized all of the weddings, so you can easily find the wedding style that suits you best.

If you are into DIY, you will find it a breeze to track down DIY projects that float your boat; each project has been categorized for easy navigation.

Last, but not least, is the brand new Intimate Weddings vendor guide. As we add  vendors in the upcoming weeks, this will become an excellent resource for finding small wedding-friendly vendors.

Indeed, we’ve come a long way since we launched back November 2008, but our message remains the same: small weddings rock! Want proof? Click here.

And don’t forget to Like us on Facebook and follow our Pinterest boards. We pin heaps of inspiring images weekly! Most importantly, if you believe in small weddings like we do, become a member of Intimate Weddings! Not only will you be able to save all of your fave venues and vendors – you will receive the Intimate Weddings newsletter in your inbox.