I’ve never been fond of shiny limousines, and stretch Lincoln Navigators or Hummers really aren’t my thing. For Darin and I, the perfect wedding getaway car was a white, vintage Rolls Royce.

Vintage cars are demand these days. Not surprising, considering that just about everything vintage is white hot. And speaking of hot, remember that some of these beauties don’t have air conditioning. If you are planning a summer wedding,  you might want to keep this in mind. You probably won’t care about a lack of air conditioning when you are exiting the wedding, but if you are using a vintage car to arrive at the ceremony you might want to ensure you can keep your cool.

Amanda over at VintageGlam, has a great blog post with advice on how to find the perfect vintage getaway car for your wedding. She points out that one of the best places to find vintage car rentals is through classic car clubs. I don’t know about you, but in these parts, cruise night is a big event. Every week during the summer, the local vintage car buffs gather together and show off their ‘babies.’ Perhaps there is something like is in your part of the world?