Although this really is a labor of love, it’s time to pay some bills. I am now accepting advertisers here at

Along with banner ads, you will notice sponsor posts in the upcoming weeks. All blog posts that are paid for will be clearly marked ‘Sponsored Post’. I want to make this REALLY clear. I’ve spent nearly 10 years as a journalist, and I have no respect for companies that try to pass off advertising as editorial content. So if you read the words, ‘Sponsored Post’, you will know that a company has paid for this post. That said, I will be selective in choosing who becomes a sponsor. I will be choosing companies that I feel are a good fit for Intimate Weddings, and who I feel would be of interest to my readers. And sponsored posts will be added on a limited basis.

So, stay tuned for lots of great EDITORIAL content in the upcoming weeks, with a dash of clearly marked paid content sprinkled in here and there.