When it comes to vintage décor, dressers are one of the most versatile and functional pieces you can choose to use on your wedding day – they’re pretty to boot! We’ve rounded up 12 examples of how to use them to prove just how practical and beautiful they can be.

1. Altar

More about style than function in this case, using a dresser as part of your ceremony set-up is the perfect way to create an altar in either an outdoor or an indoor space that doesn’t already have one. Depending on the look you’re going for, you can leave them as they are or fill them with flowers, candles, or other vintage décor pieces.

vintage dresser wedding altar

2. Card/Guestbook Table

A vintage dresser is a beautiful alternative to using a plain old table for your wedding gifts, cards, and guestbook. We particularly like the idea of topping it with a vintage birdcage for guests to place their cards in.

vintage dresser card table

3. Seating chart/Escort Card Display

Why not fill the drawers of your vintage dresser with escort cards for your guests or use it to display your seating chart?

Vintage dresser seating chart

4. Family Photo Display

If you’re thinking of setting up a memorial table at your wedding or just want to display some old family wedding photos, using a vintage dresser is a great way to display them in a visually interesting way.

Vintage dresser photo display

5. Cake Table

One of the more popular uses for vintage dressers at wedding receptions is as a cake table. Make the most of your piece by using the drawers to hold cutlery, napkins, and dishes.

vintage dresser cake table

vintage dresser cake table

6. Candy Buffet

Another sweet idea is to use your vintage dresser as a candy buffet. Line the the top with sweet treats and fill the drawers with penny candy for your guests to enjoy late into the night!

vintage dresser candy buffet

vintage dresser candy buffet

7. Plate Stand

Having a buffet? Top your dresser and fill its drawers with all the necessary flatware and pretty vintage dishes.

vintage dresser plate stand

8. Bar

We think there’s no prettier way to set up a serve yourself bar at your wedding reception than with a vintage dresser.

Vintage Dresser Bar

Vintage Dresser Bar

9. Drink Station

If you’re having a dry wedding – or even if you’re not – the dresser makes an equally excellent drink station for non-alcoholic beverages including tea and coffee.

Vintage dresser drink station

10. Shoe Valet

One of the most original and practical uses we’ve seen for a vintage dresser is as a shoe valet. Remove the drawers and let your guests kick off their uncomfortable shoes and stash them away before hitting the dance floor.

vintage dresser shoe valet

11. Photo Booth Prop Table

If you’re having a photo booth, you’re going to need somewhere to keep all those props. A dresser is a great way to keep them all organized.

prop table

12. Favor Table 

Wedding favour displays can be a little boring, but using a vintage dresser along with a few other vintage props can make the whole thing lovely as can be!

vintage dresser favour table

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