Party games are a great icebreaker, and always good for a laugh, but they can teeter on the side of cheesy at some events. However, when you’re planning (or helping plan) your bridal shower, you may want to include some traditional bridal shower activities.

Bridal showers have now become full fledged themed events, so pick a theme or motif and have fun (check out these spa-themed shower ideas); after all, it’s a chance for you to bond with your favourite ladies. Bear in mind that family may be present, so reserve the more adventurous games for the bachelorette party!

Some games may take a little pre-planning and supply stocking–small prizes are always appreciated–but others can be organized on the spot depending on how keen everyone is on playing. Classic games, such as boardgames or family favourites are always a good standby. Check out this Scrabble-themed shower.

For a more themed celebration, try a series of activities to entertain the ladies, such as cooking, makeup application or group lessons. Or have an interactive element for guests to create keepsakes and favours, such as a perfume bar, beauty product bar or even a flower bar, like this bride. And don’t forget to include some cocktails or drinks into whatever activity or festivities you’re planning!

Here are some ideas for traditional games:

Toilet Paper Wedding Dress: Divide everyone into small groups and have them create a “fashionable” wedding dress and veil out of  materials you provide, such as toilet paper, tissue paper or white fabric. You could even have the bride model the creations. At the end, have the host or all of the guests vote for their favourite.

Lingerie Party: Instead of traditional gifts for the home, go a little more adventurous and throw a lingerie party. Have all of the guests buy lingerie as gifts and play some cheeky, fun games with the theme, such as a scavenger hunt or place the items around the room and have everyone guess who bought what. Make sure the bride is comfortable with the idea before showering her with lingerie.

Bridal Bingo: Fill a bingo card with clues about the bride or have bingo cards for the gift-opening where guests can fill in boxes with what the bride receives (take some clues for items from the registry).

Get everyone thinking with a trivia game. The questions can be about the bride, the couple’s favourite activities or test everyone’s knowledge on all things wedding related. Classic ice breaker games, such as “two truths and a lie,” can also be adapted for the occasion: have participants go around the circle and tell “two truths and a lie” about the bride and let everyone guess which of the three clues are truths or lies.

Of course, one of the main reasons for throwing a shower is to “shower” the bride with gifts, so turn the gift giving into a fun activity with games. Read out this “Pass the Presents” story while guests are holding the gifts and get ready to see them squirm as the instructions to pass “right” or “left” get faster and faster.

For a guestbook and activity combined, ask guests to bring a special photo, memento or note for the bride to create a scrapbook or collage. Or collect words of advice or memories on cards from everyone and paste them into a special book.

Outdoor games may be a fun option for an afternoon garden party event or BBQ. Try some classic lawn or picnic games, such as croquet, frisbee or relay races to get everyone moving and bonding. Remember, if guests will be active for the afternoon, make sure they’re fuelled with delicious eats.

Bridal Shower Games

There are many free downloadable templates for bridal shower games online. Check out some free templates here and here or make your own print outs with questions, puzzles and riddles about the bride. Many online templates will let you create your own custom puzzles with your own clues, like this crossword idea.

This “He Says She Says Template” would be great to test everyone’s knowledge of the special couple. Download the template here.

Or check out this fun mad lib template:

Remember, any games you choose should honour the bride and not be too embarrassing. Games are a great way for guests to socialize and get to know each other. Also keep in mind when you plan to bring out the games. Participants may not be so keen to play if the games are right when they arrive or before food and cocktails. Traditionally, bridal showers are held in the afternoon or early evening, but activities and time of day depends on the type of event you’re planning.

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