Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and if your approach to this special day is a little unconventional, you’re in the right place!

When it comes to selecting a valentine card, swap sappy love poems and cheesy sentiments for something laugh-out-loud funny. Puns, punchlines, pop culture- we’ve selected 10 of the most hilarious Valentine’s Day cards out there, and any one of them is sure to be a hit on February 14th. Just be sure to pair your card with a box of chocolates and/or a bouquet of flowers (or maybe even an engagement ring).

This is probably not the Valentine’s Day poem that your S.O. had in mind. Don’t worry, though- they’ll love it! Be sure to check out the rest of FinchandtheFallow‘s “poetry” card collection for more lol-worthy options. Psst… They also have a custom “Rose are Red, Violets are Blue” poem card. valentines day poem card funny

Okay, okay; cheesy Valentine’s Day cards are still a perfectly acceptable option- if they’re pizza-themed like this one from PattieJansen, that is.

food valentines card This funny relationship card from PersonalPaperHugs is sure to make your valentine chuckle.

funny relationship card valentines day

Emily McDowell & Friends truly knows the language of love. How perfect is this “Look at My Phone” card?

funny relationship cardNothings says “I love you” quite like this Valentine’s Day card from PersonalPaperHugs.

food valentine card funny

Any fan of The Office would appreciate this Dwight relationship card from YeaOhGreetings.

office greeting card valentines day

Your S.O. will laugh out loud at this Valentine’s Day card from SadShop.

funny valentine card

We otter-ly believe that this Valentine’s Day card from Emily McDowell & Friends is one of the cutest (and quirkiest!) romantic greeting cards out there.

animal greeting card valentines cute

Your otter half will love this adorable illustrated love card from WunderkidArt.

otter greeting card cute

Let bae know that you love them just as much (or *gasp* more) as your fave junk food with this adorable nugget card from Urban Outfitters.

junk food greeting card love funny

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