We’ve made a list of some of the most stunning cathedral veils from Etsy.

This gorgeous tulle cathedral veil by VeiledBeauty is a great way to start off this list. We love the simplistic beauty of this piece.

tulle cathedral veil

Elegant and timeless, this lace trimmed veil by EdenLuxeBridal looks to be straight out of a Jane Austen novel.

pink cathedral veil

Another gorgeous lace trimmed veil by VeiledBeauty made our list. We love the gorgeous Chantilly lace, and the fact that you can order this veil in different colors!

lace trimmed wedding veil

Classic and elegant, we adore this lovely veil by VeiledBeauty, this time made from Alencon lace. We absolutely love the timeless look of a cap style design.

lace cap veil

This gorgeous cathedral veil by EdenLuxeBridal features stunning blush-colored lace trimmings.

Chantilly Lace Cathedral Veil

Mixing the cap style with the timeless cathedral veil, this lace design by MelindaRoseDesign is an absolute work of art.

cap lace veil

To add a little something special to your look, this one-of-a-kind cathedral veil by AnnaMarguerite features small butterflies along the back.

butterfly veil

Another gorgeous lace style, this veil by MarisolAparicio really is breathtaking.

boho lace veil

This subtle blush colored veil by VeiledBeauty really encapsulates a princess bride look, and we absolutely love it!

blush veil

If you adore Swiss Dots as much as we do, we suggest this elegant Point d’ Esprit cathedral length bridal veil (Swiss dot veil) from MelindaRoseDesign.

cathedral veil

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