avoid before wedding

Your wedding day is fast approaching and before you know it, it will be one sleep away! What things should you steer clear from the night before your wedding? We’ve made a list of ten things that should be avoided:

1. Finish projects: Sorry to say, if something isn’t finished by the night before the wedding, then it probably won’t get done. The night before the wedding is not the time to take on any new or unfinished DIY projects. Doing minor touch ups or finishing touches is alright, as long as you don’t stay up all night.

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2. Change something: The same goes for changing something. If you decide you don’t like something, then changing it the night before the wedding won’t help anything. What’s done is done and everything will be fine.

3. Party too much: A rehearsal dinner or girls night before the wedding is a nice way to relax with those closest to you as long as long the celebrations don’t last late into the night. No one wants a hangover on the morning of their wedding! Save the partying for the wedding night.

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4. Eat spicy or greasy foods. Abdominal cramps, bloating and diarrhea are not a bride’s friend. To minimize your risk of digestive problems, eat simply the night before your wedding.

5. Drink caffeinated beverages. That post-dinner espresso might be tempting, but a decaffeinated herbal tea is probably the way to go. It will be difficult enough to sleep without adding caffeine to the mix.

6. Major beauty change: You will have already had a hair and make up trial by this point, so you know what everything will look like. There’s no point in doing anything drastic the night before your wedding like deciding you want to cut or die your hair or go too heavy on the spray tan. Also, anything like waxing or skin treatments, you will want to get a few days before to avoid irritation and soreness.

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7. Finalize major plans: Most venues require final seating plans and numbers at least two days to a week before the wedding. They might not appreciate it if you come to them the night before with changes or revisions, so whatever it is, don’t worry about it.

8. Assign something major: Your wedding party may not also appreciate it if you come to them the night before the wedding with another project or task. Let them relax as well.

9. Watch a sad movie: That last thing you want on your wedding day is puffy eyes from crying!

10. Too much screen time: One of my general life tips is to shut off all screens (phones, laptops, TVs) an hour before bed and dim the lights. I take that hour to read or do something quiet before I go to bed. Taking those last few hours to check social media, wedding blogs or emails may not only stress you out more, it could also prevent you from getting a good night’s sleep!

 Photos: Nicholas Purcell