Dried flowers have a way of making any accessory or bouquet look romantic and vintage. We absolutely love the bohemian vibe of dried flowers, so we’ve made a list of 12 different accessories from Etsy that incorporate dried flowers.

Let’s start off this list with this stunning baby’s breath headpiece by NoviaBellaTS. How sweet!

babys breath head piece

The first flower crown on our list is this gorgeous creation by AmoreBride, covered in daisies and lavender. 

crown dried flower

Who says your bouquet can’t be dried flowers? With a bouquet as stunning as this one by WildBlossomsStudio, we don’t think anyone will oppose.

dried bouquet

Another gorgeous dried rose bouquet made the list. This one by WildBlossomsStudio is decorated with lavender and daisies.

dried flower bouqet

We absolutely love dried lavender, and this great set of dried lavender boutonnieres by MoonflowerNatureArt is no exception.

dried flower boutonniere

Let your flower girl join in on the fun, and give her this beautiful dried flower confetti by LarkspurHill to throw as she walks down the aisle.

dried flower confetti

This over-sized flower crown by WildBlossomsStudio is perfect for a bohemian themed wedding.

dried flower crown

Paulajeansgarden has the perfect dried lavender bouquet for your country-chic wedding.
 dried lavander bouquet
 To match the previous bouquet, paulajeansgarden also has these lovely boutonnieres for your groom and his party.
dried lavander boutonniere
 Another gorgeous bouquet! This creation by theflowerpatch is the dream combination of the two bouquets from earlier
golden dried flower bouquet
 Sometimes, simple is best. This plain, dried lavender from paulajeansgarden proves just that.
lavander bouquet dried
 Finally, another stunning bouquet by theflowerpatch. If you’re looking for a dash of color in your flowers, then this is the perfect choice.


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