Acorns are a perfect for autumn weddings. Whether you use them in bulk as bases for your candles and flowers in vases, accents in boutonierres and bouquets or just as little pops of the season around your reception, they’re affordable (can’t beat free!) and sure to be appreciated by your guests.

Check out these unique floating acorn candles. These little candles will burn 40-90 minutes each!

acorn candle

Incorporating acorns into your bouquet and/ or boutonnieres is a subtle way to tie in the season while still remaining stylish.

You could even make an acorn pomander for your flower girl to carry instead of flowers and match the ribbon to the other colors you’re using.

Simple centerpieces that incorporate acorns could be branches with the acorns still attached, or a branch with acorns hanging from them like ornaments. Both looks are simple and rustic and could be used by themselves or with flowers added in as well.

Acorns also look great in bulk. If you could collect enough of them they’re beautiful as filler for flowers or candles. You could also attach several together to make a unique napkin ring.

Single acorns can also make an impact. Using an acorn to accent the menu, or to attach your place card to, are both simple and classic.

If you’re looking for a less traditional way to use acorns you could add felt or paper leaves and hang them on a line like this person did. This would be a great idea for hanging the escort cards as well.

Another pretty idea is painting the inside of the acorn caps, they used fun metallic hues, but you could use whatever colors you wanted. These would be neat sprinkled around the dessert table, or even being inside a small bowl or nest that held the wedding rings!

If you want to carry your adoration of acorns over to the food you could offer bright marzipan or other candy acorns. Or, you could make this sweet acorn chocolate DIY.

Acorns are a great accent and addition to any autumnal affair! How do you like them best: filler, al natural on the branch, accents for place cards or as a sweet treat?

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