baby's breath centerpiece

I have only recently discovered the baby’s breath bouquet, and I love what I see!

When it’s come to wedding flowers, baby’s breath might just be the new carnation. Like carnations, baby’s breath is not exactly glamorous. In fact, it has a reputation for being a cheapo filler flower. But en masse – wonderful!

To me, a bouquet of baby’s breath reminds me of gentle snowflakes or delicate lace. Perfect for a wedding!

If you’d like to learn how make a baby’s breath bouquet, check out this tutorial over at Real Simple.

Meantime, feast your eyes on these lovely creations!

Baby's breath pew decorations

baby's breath centerpiece

baby's breath wedding flowers

baby's breath bouquet

Photo One:Pacific Weddings Photo Two: Megan Hobson; Photo Three: Hanssie Trainor; Photo Four: The Sweetest Occasion; Photo Five: Real Simple