peony pockets

Yesterday, I showed you how to make a burlap favor bag. Today, we’re going to make a felt peony to decorate the favor bag.

I found the template for the flower over at Yoonie at Home. Yoonie used the flower to make hair clips. You can use them to decorate just about anything!


Felt Flower Tutorial



Straight pins


needle and thread


Download the template and print.

Cut out each shape and place on your felt. (I didn’t use the green leaf shape.)

felt flowers

Pin your shapes to the felt.

felt flower hairclip

Cut out your flowers

Stack your shapes in the same sequence as the diagram on the template.

felt peony

Place button in centre and sew onto burlap bag.

felt flower

burlap bag

Fill your bags with whatever you want! I love the idea of flower bulbs! Perfect for an eco-friendly wedding!