table numbers

These DIY table numbers look a lot like doilies, but they are actually made from fused beads (aka Perler or Hama beads.) They are simple to make and add a charming handmade touch to your wedding decor.

table number hama

Adorable, don’t you think?

perler table

For these DIY table numbers you will need:

We found a lovely heart shaped Perler ornament on Pinterest (we could not find the source) that we used as inspiration for the border of the table number.


hama bead table numbers

This is how it looks when the flower border is complete.

table numbers hama

We then filled it in with white Perler beads and added a number in a different color.

hama table numbers

Here’s how it looks after it has been ironed:

perler table numbers

That’s it! Why not make some of your own fused bead table numbers? Once you are done, make some fused bead coasters to go with them.