perler beads coasters

Perler beads aka fused beads or Hama Beads aren’t just for kids. These awesome DIY geometric coasters are made from Perler beads – and they are a perfect way to had some whimsy to your wedding decor. Place a coaster at each table setting, or place coasters in groups of four and give them as wedding favors.

DIY Perler bead coasters are a bit time-consuming, but the process is incredibly meditative. In fact, this project might just be the perfect antidote to your wedding planning stress! Why not get together with your bridesmaids and have a Perler Party, complete with some fun, adult beverages.

perler coaster

How to make Perler Bead Coasters

You will need:

  • Assortment of Perler Beads (if you can, buy them pre-sorted by color to make the process of creating your coasters much quicker.)
  • Iron
  • Ironing Paper
  • Perler Beads Square Pegboard
  • Tweezers
  • Perler Bead pattern (Feel free to use any of these patterns, or make up your own. There is also heaps of inspiration online.)

Place your beads onto your pegboard in desired pattern. These coasters are 19 beads wide x 20 beads tall.

perler bead coasters

This is how it will look when it is ready to iron. Be very careful lifting it or your beads will pop off!

perler bead coasters

Another design:

perler bead coaster

And another:

hama bead coaster

And last but not least:

perler bead coaster

Place ironing paper directly over your pattern and iron the beads so that they fuse together. This is how they look when they are finished:

hama bead coasters

We love how they resemble the handmade look of cross-stitch. A pretty cute favor, don’t you think?

hama coasters