Looking for a unique wedding send-off? Try ribbon wands! You can make them yourself for under $1 each and they are a nice little take home gift for your guests (your flower girls will LOVE  ’em!!)

Ribbon wands are waved by wedding guests as the bride and groom exit the ceremony and/or the reception. They look gorgeous waving in the breeze – and the ones I’m going to show you how to make sound lovely too. (I attached little bells to the top of the wands.)

I made these ribbon wands in a snap – and you can to. How? Read on for the full instructions!

Ribbon Wands


12 inch wooden dowels

small bells

five feet of ribbon per dowel (I used two types of ribbon for each wand, but you can use one of you want to)

eye screw

split ring


fray check

scotch tape

Insert eye screw into top of dowel.

ribbon wand

Place split ring on the eye screw.

wedding wand

Add bell to split ring.

ribbon wand

Place ribbon through the split ring and tie it in a knot. Repeat if adding more ribbon.

wedding wands

Apply Fray Check (or something similar) to the ends of the ribbon. When I did this to the satin ribbon it left a faint watermark. It was barely noticeable, but if you are bothered by it you could consult with your local fabric store and see if there are other options. I cut the ends of the smaller plaid ribbon in a ‘v’ shape to prevent fraying. This did not work on the large satin ribbon, so I used Fray Check. In the photo below the Fray Check has not dried so it is very visible. Once it dries it is very faint.

ribbon wand

Wrap the ribbon around the wands and secure with a small piece of Scotch tape. Place in a mason jar or bucket for your guests to take.

wedding wands

Have your guests wave your DIY wands as you exit the ceremony!

diy ribbon wand