herb favors stamped spoons

 DIY stamped spoon plant markers are easy to make – and they make for great favors and gifts. They’re especially charming when they are paired with herbs in a teacup!

Sourcing vintage silver spoons locally is not always easy. I stumbled on a virtual gold mine er silver mine of ’em at an area antique sale. It was held in the dirtiest, smelliest (moth balls galore!) storage garage I’d ever set foot in – but it was filled with treasures. I got these spoons for about $1 each. You can also check etsy and Ebay for vintage silverware.

To clean silver, you can run to the store and buy silver polish – or do what I did and use toothpaste. It works like a charm! Leaving a bit of the tarnish adds character.

herb favors

DIY Stamped Spoon Plant Markers Tutorial

You will need:

Place your spoon upside down between two pieces of wood and strike it hard with a rubber mallet. This will flatten the spoon.

spoon markers

Remove top piece of wood and continue hammering until you are happy with the shape of the spoon.

diy favor spoons

diy plant markers

If you don’t have a rubber mallet, you can use a hammer – however the hammer will leave little scratches on the surface. Experiment and see if you like the look. Get your 36 Piece 1/8″ Letter Number Stamping Setready. You can buy this on Amazon.

steel stamping set

Decide where you want to place your word. We placed ours in the centre of the spoon. Gather the letters from the stamping set. Start with the middle letter and strike down hard with your hammer. Repeat until you are done.

herb markers

herb markers

Fill in your letters with permanent black marker. Wipe away excess marker with rubbing alcohol.

herb markers

plant markers

plant marker

diy stamped spoon plant markers

Insert your DIY stamped spoon markers into your herb-filled teacups. Or simply wrap with a ribbon!

herb marker

spoon markers