ribbon garland vintage

I’ve been on a bit of vintage fabric buying bender the past year, and I’m always looking for DIY wedding ideas to put my stash to good use. I stumbled on a few of torn fabric garlands on Etsy and fell in love. They are easy to make – but time-consuming. If you are making uber-long ones to hang at a barn wedding, my advice is to gather your maids and get all hands on deck, er, rope and work on it together. It’s pretty mindless work (you can chit-chat while you are doing it), so it would actually be a fun project to share with your maids over margaritas. Instead of a ‘Stitch and Bitch’ you could call it a ‘Tie One On” party:)

You will need:

  • rope in desired thickness (I used 1cm thick rope)
  • fabric
  • scissors

Gather your vintage fabric and make cuts at the edge it about 2 inches apart. I like the rustic chic look, so my scraps are not all the same width or length.

rag garlandRip fabric. Most of my pieces were about 20 inches long.

ribbon garland

Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Until you have a nice pile of scraps. (It took approximately 30 scraps of fabric per foot to make my garland.)

fabric scraps vintageGrab one of the scraps and tie it onto the rope at the midpoint of the fabric. Make sure you don’t start too close to the end of the rope if you will be tying the rope to something.

fabric garlandRepeat with another piece of fabric. Continue until your garland is the desired length.

torn fabric bunting

diy banner

Voila! A gorgeous torn fabric garland for your wedding!

ribbon bunting

ribbon garland