Fall is pumpkin season and while we love to incorporate the tasty gourds into our desserts, their large size and bright orange color can make them a challenge to use for decorating purposes. We’ve found that with a few adornments and a little creativity, however, you can transform the ordinary pumpkin into something quite spectacular. So, if you have your heart set on a pumpkin themed wedding, here are some of our favorite ways to include the mighty pumpkin into your decor scheme.

Due to its cute size and lack of color, the miniature ghost pumpkin is probably the easiest and chicest  of the gourds to decorate with. They make excellent escort cards just as they are, but if you want to kick things up a notch, a touch of gold spray paint can make just about any object, pumpkins included, look downright glamorous.

pumpkin placecards

gold pumpkin escort cards

gold pumpkin placecard

Placed on cake stands, full sized and sugar pumpkins can be used as simple, yet sophisiticated, centerpieces. The key to achieving this look is to find the right shape, size, and color of pumpkin, otherwise your centerpiece might end up looking more awkward than elegant.

pumpkin centerpiece

gold dipped pumpkin

If orange isn’t your preferred color, a coat of paint and a few embellishments can go a long way to elevate the humble pumpkin to wedding-worthy status.

studded pumpkins

lace pumpkin

The pumpkin’s not only mighty, but also multi-talented. Its hollow interior makes it a versatile vessel that you can use to chill your champagne, serve up punch, or hold a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

elegant pumpkin decor

pumpkin flower centerpiece

pink pumpkin flower centerpiece

It goes without saying that pumpkins make great luminaries, but instead of turning them into jack-o-lanterns, why not use them as sophisticated candle holders instead?

pumpkin candleholder

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