paper flowers

Want to learn how to make paper flowers in a snap? I saw this paper flower tutorial over at Folding Trees and gave it a whirl. After creating a couple of paper flowers I realized that I didn’t have the patience to make an entire bouquet. Although the flowers are pretty, they’re not for impatient types like me.  I couldn’t imagine cutting circle after tissue paper circle to make a bouquet.

Then I made the flowers using cupcake liners.  What a cinch! I was pretty darn tickled with how they turned out.

If you’re aiming to add some whimsy to your wedding, these would be a perfect DIY project for you and your maids. They’d also be pretty sweet for a wedding shower – displayed right next to the cupcakes!

What you need:

Cupcake Liners
(in color of your choice) I used eight small cupcake liners per flower.

Pipe Cleaners

Straight Pin

Floral Tape

How to Make Paper Flowers

Take cupcake liners out of their packaging.

how to make paper flowers

Flatten eight cupcake liners (enough for one flower) with your hands.

paper flowers

Using a straight pin, poke two holes on the inside of the cupcake liners about a half an inch apart.

making paper flowers

paper carnations

Insert pipe cleaner into the holes through the inside of the cupcake liners. You will probably only be able to do a couple at a time. Keep repeating until you have all eight cupcake liners threaded onto the pipe cleaner.

handmade paper flowers

Bring the end of pipe cleaner through the second hole.

paper flowers bouquet

Starting as close as you can to the edge of the cupcake liners, wrap your pipe cleaner with floral tape. It takes a bit of practice to get good at it.

paper wedding flowers

After all eight of the cupcake liners have been placed onto the pipe cleaner, begin pinching the cupcake liners with your thumb and index finger one at a time, beginning with the top one. Repeat until all cupcake liners have been shaped.

carnations made from paper

paper bouquet

Voila! A lovely paper flower to admire!

single red carnation

Now that you’ve learned how to make paper flowers, why not learn how to make tissue paper pom poms?