clear tent 2

I had no idea that clear tents even existed until I saw one on Pinterest the other day.  What a brilliant concept as an outdoor wedding venue! You can fill your space with gorgeous light (whether it’s from the sun – or moon) and still be covered in case of inclement weather.

To be honest, I have no idea how difficult it is to snag a clear tent rental. I think they are fairly new on the scene – but I’m sure if the demand is there, they will become more readily available.

Paper lanterns suspended from the ceiling are a great accent in a clear tent.

clear tent


clear tent 4

If you want to get fancy, drape the tent with transparent fabric.

clear tent

Strands of lights look amazing when the sun goes down.

clear tent 7

Add pops of color in a clear tent with colorful drapery.

clear tent

If you are thinking of a clear tent for your wedding, contact your local tent rental companies to see if they’re on to this outdoor wedding trend.

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