Art has always been a source of joy for me. I put down my paint brushes more than a year ago because life got busy.  I am going through serious withdrawal.

To soothe myself I’ve spent the last few weeks on a gardening bender. My husband and I hauled 20 yards of topsoil into our backyard and planted a truckload of perennials. I guess you could say that currently my canvas is my backyard. But I still miss the smell of paint, and the surprise that always awaits. (When I sit down and paint I seldom know what I will create.)

So there I was researching wedding-related stuff for the blog, when I stumbled on They Draw and Cook.

Artists from around the world upload illustrations of recipes onto the site. Like this one by Claire Murray:


Amazing. I am so inspired to create an illustration.  I am not adept at Adobe Illustrator and all of my art is created freehand, but I think it would be great fun!

Not only is the site a treat to look at, I think it’s a great source of inspiration for a wedding. Why not have an artist illustrate your menu?  Or offer up an edible wedding favour, along with an illustrated version of the recipe?

Now for one of those Brrr! Bananas!