If you are buying a modest starter home, would you insure it, or would you say: “Hey, it is not a huge mansion, so it is not worth protecting?”

Wedding insurance can be viewed in a similar way.  Whether you are having an intimate wedding or a large reception with many hundreds of people, the same basic principles apply.  You can protect yourself and provide peace of mind.

Wedding cancellation protection is priced upon the scale of your wedding, so the smaller the total budget, the less you would need to insure, and the lower the rate. Whether your budget is under five figures or over six figures: there is a plan right for you!

Serious weather events, venue closings, injuries to key people in the wedding:  all of these things could happen to any size wedding and all of them could be covered under a wedding cancellation policy.

Don’t’ forget, event cancellation insurance also offers protection for more than the major issues that could cause postponement or cancellation.

Mishaps with vendors, no-show photographers, damage to special attire or theft of wedding gifts are all issues that anyone could face which could cause financial loss.  Event cancellation insurance can help reimburse you for many of these types of unforeseen problems in addition to protecting your total budget in the event of a serious situation forcing postponing or cancelling

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