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Looking for an awesome wedding bunting tutorial? Well, crafty ladies, you have come to the right place!

This wedding bunting is made from vintage sheets found at resale shops.

You can hang this from your dessert table, above your reception table or line your ceremony aisle. How you use your wedding bunting is only limited to you imagination!

This wedding bunting measures nine feet end to end. It has twelve 5 “x 7” flags. There is one foot of bias tape on each end to use for tying the bunting.

diy wedding banner

Here is what you will need for your wedding bunting:

Make a 5″ x 7″ triangle with card stock like the one shown below. Place your template about an inch from the edge of your fabric. Trace template with fabric chalk.

wedding buntingvintage wedding bunting

Use pinking shears to cut out the flag. Cut on the outside of the chalk line. Place pattern next to cut-out and repeat. Do the same on your other fabrics until you have 12 flags.

party bunting

vintage party bunting

Iron flags. Use spray starch to stiffen the fabric.

party banner

Line flags up on a table in desire sequence.

vintage bunting

Tuck flags into bias tape, making sure that shorter edge of the bias tape is on top. Leave two inches between flags.

wedding bunting

diy bunting

Pin flags to bias tape.

diy wedding bunting

Fire up your sewing machine and sew flags to bias tape. We used a zigzag stitch to match with the edges of the flags.

wedding bunting tutorial

There you have it! Your very own vintage wedding bunting!

vintage bunting