wedding sliders

Who doesn’t love a late night snack? Who hasn’t satisfied those evening hunger pangs with something sinfully sugary or fried?

What about late night snacks for your wedding guests?

Bringing out heaping trays of sliders, fries, pizza or cookies and milk at the end of the night is one of the latest wedding reception trends. But is it a good idea or just plain over-indulgent?

If you are already serving a meal at  your wedding, there’s a good chance that a late night snack will be a waste of money – and a waste of food. It’s not likely that the majority of your guests will want to indulge in sliders and pizza a few hours after a full-course meal. But people will be dancing, drinking – and that’s sure to work up an appetite, you say.

If it was me, I’d rather put my money towards an unforgettable meal, and some homemade goodies-to-go.

That said, if you are having a cocktail reception, late night snacks are a nice added touch if you can work them into your budget.

What do think of this trend? Will you be offering late night snacks at your wedding?

Photo: Blue Lotus Photography