Keeping guests happy and entertained at a wedding can sometimes be tough. For the most part, the only entertainment provided is a DJ and a dance floor; and while this is great for all those that love to cut a rug, what about the guests with two left feet?  Enter the wedding reception lounge! With many guests preferring to spend the evening sitting and chatting with old friends and meeting new ones, adding a lounge space to your reception makes perfect sense. Not only do lounges look cool, but your guests will love having a comfortable place to hang out instead of being stuck sitting at their table or awkwardly standing by the bar/food table with all the other non-dancers.

If you’re interested in adding a lounge to your wedding reception, but aren’t sure how, we’ve put together some great tips on how to do it right!

swanky wedding lounge

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Under Cover: 10 Tent Styles for your Wedding Day

wedding tent styles

So you’ve decided on an outdoor tented wedding, but what kind of tent will you select? It used to be that there was only one or two tent styles to choose from, making the choice relatively easy. These days, however, there are many more options available making things a little more confusing.

To help you with your decision, we’ve rounded up 10 of the different types of tents available for your big day, from the traditional to the truly unique.

1.  Pole Tent

The pole tent, as its name suggests, is supported by poles and guy-wires and has a big showy top with one or more peaks. Beautiful and elegant, it is a truly sophisticated choice. Since pole tents must be staked into the ground, however, they cannot be set up on concrete or other hard surfaces, making them less versatile than some other types of tents.

Pole wedding tent

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Palais Royale Paris Elopement: Davina and Kyle

We think any excuse to go to Paris is a good one! And for Davina and Kyle, eloping was as good an excuse as any. Not only did they get to say their ‘I do’s’ in one of the most romantic cities in the world, they did it in style.

Both the bride and the groom looked absolutely stunning as they exchanged their vows in a truly intimate ceremony in front of the beautiful Palais Royale.

While their Paris elopement may have included just the two of them, that didn’t stop them from sharing their joy and celebrating and with family and friends once they returned home.

Special thanks to photographer Jean-Laurent Gaudy for sharing their photos with us!

paris wedding

wedding invitations intimate wedding

Are you on the hunt for a talented designer to create stunning wedding invitations for your upcoming intimate wedding? We have found her for you! Her name is Jenna Stempel.

intimate weddings

We hired Jenna to create some Valentines for a charity project we were working on – and we were absolutely thrilled with her designs!

Jenna has a fine arts degree and currently works as a designer for a major publishing house. She also happens to be an amazing stationery designer, offering custom designs on everything from invitations to save-the-dates.

She will work with you every step of the way to develop unique wedding stationery that matches your personal aesthetic. Whether you’re looking for minimalist or ornamental, illustrative or typographic, drop her a line and she’ll be happy to get to work!


All Change: Reception Wedding Dress Inspiration

One dress isn’t always enough. If you can have two gorgeous wedding dresses, why not? Even if you’re having an intimate wedding, a second dress is a great way to have a more informal dress for your reception. If you’re eloping and having a reception at a later date, then having two dresses to fit in with the separate occasions is also a great idea. A different reception dress not only gives you the chance to enjoy a night of dancing and dining, but also gives you the ability to show off a different look.


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