Grace and Caleb’s $6000 Florida Beach Wedding

Today’s couple, Grace and Caleb, weren’t afraid to do things a little differently when it came to their wedding day. Wanting to start off their marriage in their own way, the bride and groom chose to forego the traditional “giving away of the bride” in favor of walking down the aisle together at their picturesque beachfront ceremony. Following the nuptials, the newlyweds celebrated with their closest family and friends at an intimate restaurant reception before being sent off into the night as husband and wife in the best way possible – with sparklers of course!

Special thanks to Zipporah for sharing their wedding day photos with us!

Florida beach wedding

Grace, 26 &  Caleb, 23

Mexico Beach, Florida

Wedding Date: September 20th, 2014

Number of Guests: 30

Wedding Cost: $6,000

Wedding Ceremony Location: On the beach in Mexico Beach, Florida

Wedding Reception Location: The Sunset Coastal Grill, Port St Joe, Florida

Sea rope sign mexico beach, florida bride's hand on hip beach bride beach wedding portrait bride and groom portrait

Why did you have an intimate wedding?

We wanted our closest family and friends who mean the most to us to attend.

bride getting dressed bride portrait back detail of bride's wedding gown bride's white wedding bouquet close-up of groom's watch groom portrait

What are some of the challenges that you faced planning an intimate wedding?

We didn’t run into many challenges and felt that our vision for the day fell into place quite effortlessly. The only issue was with our florist not sharing our simple vision and trying to go in a different direction than we wanted.

groom first look first look session emotional first look emotional groom hugging bride

Was it difficult to pare down the guest list?

It was difficult at first, but after we decided on the vision we wanted for our wedding – only our closest friends and immediate family – forming our guest list came easily.

close-up of groom's hands on bride's hips intimate couple portrait bride and groom walking on the rocks bride and groom on the beach bride and groom wading in the water bride and groom on the beach bride and groom walking down to the water bride and groom portrait by yhte ocean bride and groom hugging by the ocean bride and groom kissing by the ocean

Did you have any ‘issues’ with the small guest list from friends and family? If so, how did you address them?

Initially it was hard for our parents to understand not inviting all of our extended families, but they quickly understood after we explained that we wanted the people closest to us, who mean the most to us and have shown us love and invested in our lives to be there to witness our commitment.

beach wedding sign wedding ceremony set-up on the beach beach wedding programs

What were the highlights of the ceremony? 

The two of us walked down the aisle together. We felt that because our commitment to each other was our choice and not the bride being “given away”, and because we were about to commit to spending the rest of our lives together, that it only made sense to commence that by walking in together to make our vows. Our parents fully supported us and no one was offended.

Caleb’s father who is a pastor officiated the ceremony. Almost all of our closest friends were able to be there, and all of our immediate family. Having it at the beach approaching sunset was picturesque.

beach wedding ceremony beach wedding guests wedding first kiss beach wedding ceremony

What were the highlights of the reception? 

Toasts given by our wedding party meant so much to us; the food and service provided by The Sunset Coastal Grill was fantastic; knowing that we were married; exiting with a sparkler send-off!

restaurant wedding reception restaurant wedding reception


What was the best thing about having an intimate wedding? 

Minimized drama/stress and not feeling like we had to impress anyone or make our wedding anything other than exactly what the two of us wanted, and having only those that we felt support our lives in attendance.

sparkler send-off

What advice do you have for couples who are considering an intimate wedding? 

Make sure that the two of you are in agreement on what you want and stick to your vision. If someone wants your wedding to be anything else, they have to understand that it’s your wedding, not their’s. Write wedding details down and keep each other up to date with your lists as things get updated.

sparkler send-off


Bride’s Dress: Casablanca with alterations done by brides mother

Bride’s Hair: Mary Bowman

Bridesmaid Dresses: Lulu

Groomsmens’ Suits: Men’s Warehouse

Decor: Shyla Troyer

Arch: made by Groom and Best Man

Photography: Zipporah K

Videography: Richard Ceska

Ceremony Location: Mexico Beach, FL

Reception Location: Sunset Coastal Grill

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What is a Pop-Up Wedding?

las vega pop up wedding


Until a few weeks ago I had never heard of a pop-up wedding. It was a friend of mine (she ran off to Vegas to get married) who told me all about this new trend.

“You basically just show up,” she said. “If you don’t want the stress and the cost of a traditional wedding, it’s perfect!”

I wanted to learn more, so I asked almighty Google: “What is a pop-up wedding?”

What I discovered is that not all pop-up weddings are the same, but they do have a common purpose: to make it easy for a couple to get married, and to make it less expensive.

Pop-up weddings truly are perfect for couples who simply don’t have the cash to pull out all the stops on their wedding day. They are also ideal for couples with other priorities, such as travel.

And because not all of us dig wedding planning, they are a great option for couples who don’t want to invest months orchestrating an event.

Some pop-up weddings are like fancy elopements with no guests. Australia’s The Pop Up Wedding describes their service like this:

“We find the coolest venue, the hottest photographer, really creative stylists and florists and a rocking celebrant and put them all together so for one hour you can have your dream wedding with no fuss, no stress and a few guests.”

Perth Pop-Up Wedding, also in Australia, allows up to 16 guests, and lets you choose from eight different venues.

“We provide an incredibly stunning and romantic venue with three inspiring and uniquely styled ceremony options … a beautiful mini bouquet, Perth’s most awarded celebrant… your Marriage Certificate, celebratory champagne and cake for you and your guests and photographs of your ceremony followed by a short portrait session as husband and wife with one of Perth’s most sought after photographers…”

Thankfully, you don’t have to go all the way to Australia to have a pop-up wedding. The trend is catching on in North America.

Victoria Hogan’s Flora Pop offers pop-up weddings in Las Vegas. Today, we’re featuring an interview with Victoria, along with a gorgeous desert styled shoot by Gaby J Photography highlighting Flora Pop’s Pop-Up Wedding Chapel (that’s Victoria in the photos).

las vegas pop up wedding las vegas pop up wedding las vegas pop up wedding las vegas wedding

What is a pop up wedding?

A pop-up wedding is much like an elopement. A short & sweet ceremony usually consisting of the couple, their witness & myself. Endless natural landscapes for backdrops & vintage neon signage are a favorite of couples that I work with. I’m a floral designer & recently acquired the ability to officiate these ceremonies that I create with my mobile altar. I built by hand the Teardrop trailer in the photos. It’s modeled after a 1950’s Kenskill trailer & comes complete with neon signage, flowers & for the adventurous couple, a full sized bed in the cabin should they want to continue their honeymoon in nature.

I opened the flower shop two years ago and I do gardens & weekly flowers for businesses in town. The Teardrop was intended to be my mobile flower stand, but after some thought it just didn’t feel right. I kept brainstorming & one day it hit me: I can do it all! Officiate, flowers, ceremony, the works. It became a very stress-free solution for brides because the price is right, the planning is finished, they just have to show up & have a great time!

las vegas pop up wedidng las vegas pop up wedding

las vegas wedding

Why are couples choosing pop up weddings?

Large scale weddings aren’t for everyone. A lot of the couples I work with would rather spend money on their honeymoon, instead of a ceremony that isn’t really about them. My pop-ups are all about the couples & the love they share. It’s really a sweet & genuine moment.

las vegas pop up wedding las vegas pop up wedding


When did you start Flora Pop’s Pop Up Wedding Chapel?

I started this only about 4 months ago.

las-vegas-pop-up-weddings-flora-pop-300 las-vegas-pop-up-weddings-flora-pop-319


 What’s the cost?

Packages in-town start at $550. Out of town trips to remote desert locations go up in price depending on the location. There is a dry lake bed just outside the city limits. (The images were taken there.) These packages start at $1200. Flowers are extra & I have a list of preferred vendors for vintage bridal hair, specialty mixologists, custom rings, donuts & vintage airstream add-ons.




las vegas pop up las vegas pop up las vegas wedding


las vegas pop up


 Is this trend catching on?

Yes, I have bookings all the way until 2017. I have weddings every week & the interest is growing rapidly.

las vegas weddings

Photos: Gaby J Photography

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Whether you’re having a tropical destination wedding, want to add some punch to a winter palette, or are looking for a fresh spring color, we think chartreuse will be right up your alley! An unconventional choice, this lime green shade will be the life of the party – or at least your color scheme – and we’ve put together 5 palettes to show you how you can rock it on your wedding day.

Here, chartreuse adds interest and life to an otherwise drab color scheme. We love the juxtaposition of rustic and modern created in this color palette.

chartreuse color palette

Navy can be a little heavy and dark on its own, but throw in a little chartreuse, and this palette takes on a whole new spunky personality.

Chartreuse color board

Chartreuse and pink are a great color combo for spring. Accent the pairing with lots of creamy white to keep the palette light and fresh, or add a touch of black – like we did here – to give it just a little bit of edge.

Chartreuse color board

Chartreuse looks great paired with other shades of green and yellow. Just make sure to throw in enough white to mix things up a bit.

chartreuse color palette

Not everybody can pull off a rainbow themed wedding, but we think this bright and citrusy palette would be right at home in a tropical setting.

chartreuse color palette

Photo one:; Photo two:; Photo three:; Photo four:; Photo five:

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Paper Roses: DIY Escort Cards

paper roses

These gorgeous DIY paper rose escort cards are made from egg cartons! We love craft projects like these paper roses because they are inexpensive – and they involve recycling! They also don’t require lots of fancy supplies.

Our first foray into making egg carton flowers was back in 2009 when we make this spring bouquet, then in 2011 when we made some paper  daffodils.

Recently we discovered paper roses over at the spanish blog Rosi Jo. We thought they were fabulous, and they they would be perfect for creating escort cards.

This is a great project for you and your maids to work on together. As the old saying goes: “Many hands make light work!”



For these paper rose escort cards you will need:

  • egg cartons (we used two different sizes)
  • acrylic paint in desired color (we used two shades of pink)
  • raffia
  • card stock
  • floral wire
  • floral tape
  • scissors
  • hole punch

Remove the shapes from the cartons.


Cut petal shapes.


This is how it should look:



Remove bottom portion of the egg cup.




When you roll the paper it will look like the inside of a rose.


Remove second egg cup. This egg cup is larger than the previous one and will be used for the outside of the flower. Create four petals.


This is how it should look:


This is how the flower looks when the two pieces are put together.


Paint the outside flower light pink.

paper-poses-10 paper-roses-11 paper-roses-12

Paint the inside petals a darker pink.


Paint both sides.


Poke two holes in the back of the outside flower shape.

paper-roses-15 paper-roses-16

Insert floral wire in one of the holes.


Bring floral wire back through the second hole.


Pinch the two wires together just beneath the flower.


Wrap entire wire with floral tape.


Cut wire approximately 6.5 inches from base of flower.


Use glue gun to add glue to the inside of the flower.


Adhere darker pink petal shape to the larger shape.


Bend wire so that the flower will stand on its own.

paper-roses-24 paper-roses-25

Cut names from card stock.


Punch card stock.


Add raffia.


Tie raffia to the floral wire.


Voila! There you have your lovely paper rose escort cards! paper-roses-33


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Lauran and Timothy’s North Carolina Farm Elopement

Adventure lovers, Lauran and Timothy are the kind of couple that are constantly looking for new experiences to share with each other, so when they decided to get hitched, eloping seemed like the perfect next adventure for the pair. They chose North Carolina’s picturesque 200 year old Mast Farm Inn as the perfect venue to exchange their vows and we’re wed on the porch of the property’s old loom house. Beautifully captured by Heather Barr, Lauran and Timothy couldn’t have asked for a more romantic and relaxed wedding day.

Nashville Farm Elopement

Lauran, 31 & Timothy, 50

Valle Crucis, North Carolina

Wedding Date: June 9th, 2014

Number of Guests: 0

Wedding Cost: $2,190

Wedding Ceremony Location: The Mast Farm Inn, Valle Crucis, North Carolina

Wedding Reception Location: The Mast Farm Inn, Valle Crucis, North Carolina

wedding rings on stamps
small wedding cake with roses on top
detail of bride's bouquet wrap
rose boutonniere
Farm elopement ceremony
bride and groom portrait in field
bride and groom walking down dirt road

Why did you have an intimate wedding?

Honestly, the venue was really the deciding factor. We have visited the Mast Farm Inn before and when we found out about their elopement packages, the decision was final. After that, the only thing we had to decide was whether we wanted any guests there with us.

bride holding cameo
bride looking out window
close-up of bride's hands
black and white bride portrait

What are some of the challenges that you faced planning an intimate wedding?

Not accommodating family members that would have wanted to be at the ceremony was a challenge. We could have paid extra to have a bigger ceremony at the Mast Farm Inn, but we chose to elope with just the two of us. Other than that, there were no challenges. There were only a few details in the beginning and after that, all we had to do was show up!

groom adjusting tie
black and white groom portrait

Was it difficult to pare down the guest list?


groom waiting at the altar bride walking towards groom bride walking down aisle

What were the highlights of the ceremony?

The Mast Farm is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful venues in North Carolina. We loved that we were able to have the ceremony outside, enveloped in the vibrant colors of the North Carolina mountains in spring. The Mast property is 200 years old and we were married on the porch of the old Mast Farm loom house.

farm elopement ceremony elopement ceremony intimate elopement ceremony farm elopement ceremony bride putting ring on groom's finger elopement ceremony elopement kiss

What were the highlights of the reception?

We did not have a reception that day.

bride and groom standing on cabin porch bride and groom kissing on cabin porch bride and groom on cabin porch bridal bouquet bride portrait bride and groom walking on farm grounds bride and groom kissing on farm grounds

What was the best thing about having an intimate wedding?

How relaxed we were! We drove from Nashville to Boone the day before and stayed the night with some friends who cooked us breakfast on our wedding day morning. We took a walk downtown to get coffee at Espresso News, visited the courthouse to get our marriage license, and then walked to Haircut 101, where my friend Melissa works. She did my hair and make up. It was such a relaxing day in Boone. We then drove to Valle Crucis, which is 10 minutes away, checked into the Mast Farm and started the ceremony 30 minutes later. One of the things we discussed later was how we loved that our intimate wedding was just like another adventure. Tim and I met while hiking in Spain, so we are always looking for an adventure and an opportunity to experience something new together. We had no stress that day. Later that week my parents threw us a wedding party in Charlotte. We were really glad that we decided to not have the ceremony and wedding party on the same day. It just would have been too much. Having an intimate wedding allowed us to connect with one another without worrying about guests and the small details that a traditional wedding ceremony requires. Looking back, we remember a romantic, relaxed day in the mountains.

bride and groom portrait in field bride and groom kissing in field bride and groom in field bride and groom portrait in field bride and groom walking down dirt road bride and groom looking at map bride and groom comparing passport stamps bride and groom portrait with suitcase bride portrait on dirt road

What advice do you have for couples who are considering an intimate wedding?

Absolutely a must if you have the freedom to do it. If you find a venue that has a package price there is no reason not to go this route. These packages essentially have your wedding planned out and everything is taken care of for you when you get there. At the Mast Farm Inn, the package we chose included the ceremony, reverend, witnesses, bouquets, lodging, meals, wedding cake and champagne! An intimate wedding allows you to focus on each other and your day!

bride and groom portrait


Venue: The Mast Farm Inn, Valle Crucis, NC

Florist: Peggy Mendel, Pearl’s Garden

Dinner/Cake: Simplicity at The Mast Farm Inn

Hair/Make-up: Melissa Dodge, Haircut 101

Officiant: Rev. Gregory Possman, High Country Ministers

Dress: Anthropologie

Necklace: Heirloom, belonged to Lauran’s Great-Grandmother

Photography: Heather Barr, Revival Photography

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