Cool Silver: 5 Silver Color Palettes for your Wedding Day

Metallic silver often gets overlooked these days in favor of warmer metallic tones, but winter serves as the perfect season for silver to come out and really shine. Reminiscent of glittering snowflakes and glistening ice, silver’s cool sparkle fits perfectly with the season and pairs equally well with traditional and non-traditional winter colors. So, if you’re looking to add a little sparkle and glam to your winter wedding day, put down the gold and give one of these 5 silver palettes a try.

Silver plays well with warm golden tones and together they add a dynamic touch to this dark blue palette.

silver color palette

We love this cool blue/green palette; it reminds us of the sea and would be perfect for an early winter modern nautical wedding.

Silver color palette

Silver and purple are a match made in color heaven and the dusty cool tones are made for winter nuptials.

Silver color palette

White and silver is the ultimate winter color pairing, in our opinion, and adding a hint of dark evergreen and brown gives this sophisticated palette a rustic, earthy touch.

Silver color palette

Red and green are classic christmas colors, but this traditional palette gets a modern update with the addition of silver, making it a chic alternative for a winter wedding.

silver color palette

Photo one:; Photo two:; Photo three:; Photo four:; Photo five:

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We Heart It: 12 Free Valentine Themed Printables

valentine printables

With Valentine’s Day only a few weeks away,  it’s the perfect time to go a little heart crazy. We’ve searched around and found 12 great printables that you can use for free this Valentine’s Day. So bring out the scissors and get printing!

1. Love Coupons

For an experience based gift, give your loved one a book of redeemable coupons from I Heart Nap Time. Surely, breakfast in bed and a back rub sounds like more fun than heart shaped chocolates. Plus, these coupons ensure that those Valentine’s Day treats will last longer than one day.

Here are some more printable love coupons by Sarah Hearts:

valentines coupons

2. Heart Balloons 

These printable tags by eighteen25 are a cute and easy idea for the classroom, when tied to heart shaped balloons. You can also use the tags for a more adult friendly gift too.

3. In Love with Pizza 

Is there anything even remotely comparable to the perfection that is pizza? Probably not. There are puns a plenty when it comes to the delicious treat too, as shown in these fun printables from Live Laugh Rowe.

4. Sweet Treat 

Whether you’re looking for a fun gift to give to co-workers or to pack in your partners lunch, these tags from Lemon Squeezy are just the thing.

5. Love Sign

These signs can be framed to decorate your wedding space, home or office. The metallic stripes on this sign from Love From The Oven make this a great sign for the season.

6. Heart Garland

We are smitten with this adorable printable heart garland found at Simply Peachy.

heart garland


7. Fun Quotes

Most couples have their quirky private jokes (or language) and these funny cards from Landeelu will be sure to raise a laugh.

8. Romantic Cards

If you’ve forgotten to buy a card or the ones in the store are not your style, print one of these gorgeous options from Muffin Grayson.

9. Jar Printable 

Edible goodies are always welcome, these printable labels from The 36th Avenue can be used on jars that are filled to the brim with your loved one’s favorite candy.

10. For Friends 

The Crafted Sparrow have the right idea with these gift tags. Spread the love to your girlfriends with some gold themed gifts.

11.  Coffee Cup Wrappers 

Waking up to your favorite coffee with one of these adorable wrappers will get Valentine’s Day off to a great start. You can print them over at Eat Drink Chic.

12. Vintage Valentines 

These vintage valentine printables from Vintage Holiday Crafts are just the sweetest thing, print a few out to create a unique card or to decorate gifts.


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Michel and Matt’s Beachfront Mexico Wedding

As a wedding photographer, Michel saw first-hand how easy it is to get carried away when planning a wedding. When she and Matt started planning their own nuptials, they both agreed that they wanted to keep the focus on their love for each other. An intimate, destination in Mexico allowed them to do just that.

On a little stretch of beach they had discovered a few years earlier, with sand between their toes and their family and friends lovingly encircling them, the couple exchanged their vows in beautiful and heartfelt ceremony. It was – in the words of the bride – a perfect little’ lovefest!’

Special thanks to Jasmine of Let’s Frolic Together for sharing all that love with us!

mexico intimate wedding


Michel, 37 & Matt, 40

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Wedding Date: April 24, 2014

Number of Guests: 24 including us

Wedding Cost: ~ $18,000   

Wedding Ceremony Location: Las Caletas

Wedding Reception Location: Las Caletas

Puerto Vallarta Puerto Vallarta postcard old boat in Puerto Vallarta black and white bride portrait wedding thank you card bride and groom climbing stone stairs bride and groom footprints in the sand

Why did you have an intimate wedding? 

Matt and I both believed in just having our closest friends and family with us on our day, mostly because I know how easy things can get carried away when it comes to planning a wedding. I didn’t want any of the added stress of having a ‘ginormous’ guest list and we didn’t want to get carried away with the things that don’t matter. We wanted to instead focus our day on us, love, and the awesome people that came all that way to celebrate with us.

bride in floral robe wedding dress hanging on resort balcony mint green wedding shoes bride getting her dress on groomsmen getting ready groom portrait

What are some of the challenges that you faced planning an intimate wedding?

We didn’t really face many challenges when it came to keeping the wedding small; instead, the issues fell around planning a wedding away from home. Part of the reason we were able to plan a small wedding was that we chose to do a destination wedding. That way, the most important people in our lives chose to come and we were able to really focus on what was important to us – our small little lovefest!

bride's with bridesmaids in green

groomsmen in white

bridal party portrait

bride and groom excited to see each other

bride and groom portrait in Mexico

Black and white weddingportrait

bride and groom waking on the beach

bride and groom portrait by the ocean

Was it difficult to pare down the guest list?

It wasn’t really, not for us. I understand that sometimes people feel obligated to invite friends and feel pressure from parents to invite distant family members, but our family understood what we wanted. We didn’t send out formal invitations, we just called each person then got them set up with our travel planner and went from there. Once all of our super important people were signed up, we opened it up to some closer friends.

wedding guests arriving by boat mexico intimate wedding emotional bride walking to meet her father emotional bride with her father groom watching his bride walking down the aisle beach wedding ceremony

What were the highlights of the ceremony?

The ceremony was my favorite moment of all time. Matt and I had visited the beach area out at Las Caletas a few years ago on a trip and I just loved the spot. So when he suggested it for our wedding I just knew it was perfection. That beach, in a little cove surrounded by trees and the sweet smell of the ocean nearby was an absolute dream for us. Because I am a wedding photographer, I see amazing moments nearly every weekend and the best heart-tugging moments for me are the ones that are true to the couple and authentic to their love story. When Matt and I first started talking about our wedding, I always knew I’d be barefoot somewhere with sand between my toes.

laughing bride during ceremony wedding guests holding hands during ceremony bride and groom exchanging rings bride and groom first kiss

What were the highlights of the reception?

After the beach ceremony, we headed up to dinner in the open air restaurant that looks out over the ocean. The people at Las Caletas then transformed the beach for the reception. They built the dance floor, set up beach seating and lit the tiki torches. It was so perfect. We packed the dance floor the entire night.

resort sign bottles full of colored liquid resort wedding venue hanging bird cages bride and groom signs on backs of chairs place setting brid cage wedding decor wedding guests at reception dinner cocktail making wedding guests at reception dinner on resort porch

What was the best thing about having an intimate wedding?

My first vision of our day was Matt and I, in the middle of a circle, our friends and family standing around us holding hands. Although I tried to look out into the faces of all those amazing people as many times and I could, to be honest, I couldn’t take my eyes off Matt. And that’s why our photos from Jasmine are so insanely special to me. I also think having a small guest list allowed us time with each of our guests that night. We didn’t feel overwhelmed with a large crowd and were able to be present and soak it all in.


tiki torches on beach lighting a wish lantern on the beach couples dancing wedding guests dancing

What advice do you have for couples who are considering an intimate wedding?

My advice to anyone planning any wedding is do what is right in your heart. It’s easy to get caught up in things that don’t matter but if you constantly think back to what you are going to remember in 50 years when you look back on the photos, it helps stay true to yourself and your fiancé. From the start, I knew I was going to bring a photographer with us on our adventure. Being a wedding photographer myself, clearly this is an important aspect to me. When choosing a photographer I didn’t have to go very far. Jasmine’s work has spoke to me for years, when viewing her work I pictured myself in it, and I’d never felt that way looking at anyone else’s work. but it really boiled down to her personality for us. Even more so for an intimate wedding, your photographer is a big part of your day and he or she must fit into the dynamic of the day. So my advice for choosing the right photographer is after you see their are competent in delivering work you love, choose the person with your heart.

bride and groom dancing


Photography: Let’s Frolic Together

Wedding Coordination: Alexandra at Luxe Destination Weddings & Dennise with Vallarta Adventures

Flowers: The venue provided small florals around the dinner table. I didn’t have a bouquet. 

Hair: The day of, I got my hair done at Now Amber Resort Spa – but I did a hair trial with Irene Nikolopoulos from Anna Rianou Salon & Spa in Edmonton before we left and having those photo to show the ladies there, was the only way I could convey exactly what I wanted. 

Makeup: Now Amber Resort Spa

Wedding Dress: Etsy 

Groom’s Suit: Le Chateau

Bride’s Shoes:  I went barefoot most of the day / ModCloth 

Custom Designed Necklace: Hunt Amor 

Bridesmaids’ Robes: Etsy  

Bridesmaids’ Clutches: Etsy

Our Wedding Bands: Etsy

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Sarah and Richard’s $5,000 Pennsylvania Inn Wedding

It’s a well known fact that planning a wedding can be stressful and tedious at times, so we’re sure it will come as no surprise when we tell you that many couples really don’t enjoy the whole planning process. Sarah and Richard, however, loved every minute of it, finding it to be a completely stress-free affair – definitely not something you hear every day!

If their worry-less planning process doesn’t have you green with envy, their small budget certainly will. For only $5,000, these two pulled off a stylish and elegant outdoor ceremony, and an intimate and romantic wine cellar reception complete with awesome gifts of wine and Crate & Barrel carafes for all their guests.

We’re so thankful that Sarah and Richard’s lovely photographer Nicole chose to share their envy-worthy big day with us!


Sarah, 26 & Richard, 29

Kimberton, PA

Wedding Date: October 11, 2014

Number of Guests: 18

Wedding Cost: $5,000

Wedding Ceremony Location: The Kimberton Inn

Wedding Reception Location: The Kimberton Inn

073A0994 073A0978 073A0975 073A0972

Why did you have an intimate wedding?

We went back and forth whether we should do a wedding in Illinois (where I am from) or in Pennsylvania (where Rick is from). We both have very large families and could not cut anyone out. It was an all or none type of decision. We decided to keep it small and have it in PA since that is where we were living. One of our favorite places to go for dinner is at the Kimberton Inn. When we discovered they did weddings and were told we could have the reception in their Private Wine Cellar we knew it was the perfect place.



073A0932 What are some of the challenges that you faced planning an intimate wedding?

Honestly, minus breaking the news to our family and friends we did not face any true challenges.

073A0294 073A0394 073A0633 073A0553 073A0665 073A1040 073A1039 073A1013 073A0368

Was it difficult to pare down the guest list?

Absolutely! We did not want to hurt anyone’s feelings so we decided to invite our immediate family members and the individuals we would have asked to be in our bridal party (had we went for the large traditional wedding).

073A0470 073A0461 073A0451 073A0421

Did you have any ‘issues’ with the small guest list from friends and family? If so, how did you address them?

We did. Rick and I are very close with our family and friends. There was disappointment because they wanted to be able to share the moment with us. After explaining our debate on location and then setting, everyone was very understanding.

073A0812 073A0802 073A0786

What were the highlights of the ceremony?

The ceremony took place outside the Inn and their property includes a beautiful pond. Mid-ceremony there must have been a disruption in the water and hundreds of geese abruptly took flight and circled above us for what seemed like an eternity. They were so loud the Pastor stopped talking and everyone burst into laughter gazing at them circling miles above us (luckily there were no accidents).




What were the highlights of the reception?

The highlights of the reception were being able to enjoy good conversation with everyone who attended during a private cocktail hour at the bar and dinner at a family style table. The best thing about keeping it small was that Rick and I were able to have everyone close together for great conversation, speeches and toasts. A special moment with Rick and his mother was the promised celebratory shot of Jack Daniels on his wedding day (which was quite the exciting moment for his mom who had never taken a shot, ever!).

073A0591 073A0585

What was the best thing about having an intimate wedding?

We thoroughly enjoyed every moment of the planning. During the entire experience, from the start of planning to the actual wedding day, there was no stress or worry. We set up the wine cellar ourselves for the reception and I made all the floral arrangements including the bouquets for me and my maid of honor. Given the small number of people, we were able to get unique wedding gifts for everyone who was able to make it, which included a bottle of wine with a personalized label, and Crate & Barrel wine carafes (to enhance the theme of the wine cellar).

073A0571 073A0560 073A0556

What advice do you have for couples who are considering an intimate wedding?

Stand firm in your decision to capture the feeling of the intimate setting. It is the one day that gets to be all about you and your husband and getting to share the romantic and magical moments with everyone around you. The next day Rick and I talked about how we couldn’t have imagined having our day any other way!




Venue: The Kimberton Inn

Photography: Nicole Marie Photography

Make-up Artist: Glam by Ashley Marie

Brides Dress: Rent the Runway

Groom’s Suit: Nordstrom

Dessert: Groom’s mother and aunts

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Dip Your Decor

Give your wedding some oomph with the addition of dipped details. This is a great way to go for a two-toned or metallic effect and also adds some color. There’s no limit to what can be dipped; napkins, food, dresses and flatware can all get the treatment. You can transform many thrift store finds with the help of some glitter and paint.

Glass bottles and jars look lovely enough as they are, but glitter-dipped bottles and jars look really stunning. You can use the bottles for table numbers too. Feathers are great additions to bouquets, or scattered on the table. Dipping them in gold glitter makes them a little more festive. White tapered candles are inexpensive and easy to find but a metallic makeover is always welcome.

These pears are an easy DIY wedding dessert. They will work well on a dessert table or even used as an edible decoration. All you need to do is dip them in some delicious caramel and roll in sugar or nuts. Likewise, color dipped marshmallows make for cute favors or additions to a candy bar.

If you’re looking for ways to repurpose antique or tarnished flatware, this is just the thing. You can either dip the ends in the paint of your choice or dip the entire thing in a matte gold paint too. Balloons are not reserved for children’s birthday parties alone; brushed paint gives them a distinctly grown-up look. Your guests will appreciate a steaming mug of hot chocolate during a winter wedding. These chocolate stirrers with edible glitter are a nice decorative touch.

We love the vibrancy of the flatware here, showing that you can really experiment with the color paint that you use. If you’re a fan of color, a dip-dyed wedding dress is a real statement. How gorgeous would this dress look for a destination wedding?

White chocolate and cherries are a winning duo, and a delicious sweet treat for your guests to nibble on. If you’re having a small crowd and have a bunch of plain white napkins, dip them in some blue dye instead of buying new ones.

Floral arrangements and centerpieces don’t have to be extravagant. You can fit them into your budget and style by making a few adjustments to inexpensive decorations. Recycle your glass bottles and jars by dipping them into gold paint in a variety of ways. Add a few fresh blooms and there you go!

This tablecloth has a subtle amount of color to add some more interest without taking the attention away from the flowers.

Photo one:; Photo two:; Photo three:; Photo four:; Photo five:; Photo six:; Photo seven:; Photo eight:; Photo nine:; Photo ten:; Photo eleven:; Photo twelve:; Photo thirteen:; Photo fourteen:



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