Finding new and original ways to keep your guests entertained at your wedding reception can be challenging, but there’s a hot new trend popping up that promises a smashing good time: the wedding piñata! If you think about it, the popularity of the piñata makes perfect sense; after all, who doesn’t love whacking paper mache with a stick, and being rewarded with candy?

When choosing a piñata for your wedding, picking something with a wedding theme is an obvious choice. Wedding cakes and diamond rings are two fun and popular piñata options.

ring pinata

wedding cake pinata

Of course a heart shaped piñata is also a fitting choice and adding your initials is a super sweet touch.

initial heart pinata

We love the creativity and simplicity of this DIY piñata made out of post-it notes. Genius!

post-it note pinata

And how adorable are these candy heart piñatas? Perfect for a Valentine’s day wedding, don’t you think?

candy heart pinata

When in doubt, spell it out! Letter piñatas allow you to create any message you want, and the more letters you have, the more candy you can fill them with!

love pinata

If a single piñata is all you want, you can’t go wrong with the ampersand – a classic and elegant symbol to represent your union.

ampersand pinata

If you want to go with a classic piñata style, you can always glam it up for the occasion with a touch of gold.

classic donkey pinata

If you’d rather go modern, why not kill three trends with one stone with a stylish metallic geometric piñata?

geometric piñata

Floral piñatas like these giant paper peonies are almost too pretty to smash, but we think you’ll find a way to get over it!

peony pinata

flower pinata

Mini piñatas are an adorable addition to any festive wedding reception especially if you’re going for a Cinco de Mayo theme. Use them as place settings/favors, reception decor, or as a fun alternative cake topper.

mini piñata favor

mini pinatas

piñata cake topper

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