Cake tastings are surely one of the most exciting parts of wedding planning, right? But, with the plethora of cake flavors out there it can get a little overwhelming. How is anyone supposed to choose between red velvet and lemon poppy seed! Sometimes sticking to the classics works the best, especially if you’re a chocolate lover. If you’re going for a chocolate wedding cake, don’t hide it underneath layers of fondant. We’ve picked out 10 cake ideas for you to tempt your guests with.

1. Naked Cake 

Chocolate cakes are one of the best sponge flavors to display in a naked cake. This wedding trend is getting increasingly popular, as the cakes look delicious, but they’re also a great DIY option.


2. Contrasting Sugar Flowers

We love the look of real flowers but you can’t deny the artistry of sugar flowers. They are such a great decoration, and bright blooms provide a lovely contrast to a dark chocolate cake.


3. The Sauce

A delectable looking cake can be achieved simply with neat buttercream and a chocolate drizzle on each tier.


4. Tiers of Brownies

We owe whoever thought of this delight some serious gratitude. Everyone loves a brownie, so why not stack them up with some cascading flowers? There you have it, a DIY wedding cake that will be a firm favorite with your guests.


5. All Buttercream 

A single-layer cake has to be extra yummy to live up to its tiered counterparts. With the lashings of chocolate buttercream on this beauty, there will be no worries!


6. Pink and Brown 

It’s not all about the dark chocolate. Milk chocolate fans should rejoice with this stunning cake, decorated with pink roses. It’s such a simple design but the pink and brown color combination really works. Plus, your guests will thank you for the tasty milk chocolate buttercream.


7. Dessert Cake

For a small gathering, your wedding cake can also be your dessert. To turn it into something even more delicious, add profiteroles, chocolate sauce and shavings for a luxurious and simple dessert.


8. Dark and Bold

Fondant gives a polished finish to cakes so you can still give the impression of a chocolate cake with black fondant. It will look amazing when paired with a dark chocolate cake inside.


9. Caramel Topping 

A salted caramel drizzle will add a depth of flavor to a chocolate cake, not to mention how decadent it looks. If you’re having copper decorations in your wedding, it will also work well with the theme.


10. Cut It and See

If you still prefer the look of non-chocolate frosting, still keep the impact by going for a seriously rich chocolate cake. A dark cocoa powder will provide the deep color and a swiss meringue buttercream will give the white contrast. A lovely flavor and color combination when you cut into the cake.