To add an extra detail into your decor you can turn the rather drab card box into something fabulous. It’s a great way to put your DIY skills to use and to brighten up a welcoming table. Here are 10 ideas for you to get creative with your card boxes.

1. Basket

Card boxes don’t have to be complicated. In fact, a simple basket will do. Add a little chalkboard sign and you’re good to go!

wedding basket

2. Mailbox 

Search your local thrift store and flea markets for old mailboxes that can be used to collect your cards. When decorated with flowers and other details they can add a nostalgic touch.


3. Polished Lantern

Lanterns and birdcages not only make great centerpieces but think of all the card carrying potential that they have too.You can place an empty lantern at a welcome table for guests to drop their cards in or have individual ones at each table.

lantern card box

4. Round Box

For a rustic or backyard wedding, a decorated round box is a no-frills DIY project that has a lovely end result. Add some cut out letters, burlap and ribbon to a plain box and decorate the rest of your table with flowers and family photos.


5. Vintage Suitcase

We love vintage suitcases, especially when they are incorporated into wedding decor. They are excellent card holders and require hardly any effort. All you need to do is add a sign.

wedding card box

6. Burlap Sack

A burlap sack is a lovely alternative to a card box. A must-have for a barn wedding!


7. Home Sweet Home 

Oh hello cutie. A birdhouse for your cards is about as charming as it gets in the card box department. You can also personalize these with your initials, names and wedding dates.

card box

8. Pastel Lobster Trap

For a beach wedding, what could be more appropriate than a re-purposed lobster trap? You can paint them and add some netting to create a seaside vibe.


9. Tiered Boxes

Be inspired by tiered wedding cakes and go for a three-tier card box. There are no limits to the design possibilities here. To keep things simple, lace and flowers are all you need to revamp inexpensive cardboard boxes.


10. Card Crate 

Crates are the gift that just keeps on giving. We’ve lost count of the different ways that you can use them in your wedding decor. They are ideal for collecting cards and other gifts. Look out for vintage soda crates when you’re shopping for your decorations.


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