Bohemian themed weddings are popping up more and more with brides that desire a “back to the earth” sort of approach to their nuptials. Weddings that hearken back to the days of love and peace are demonstrating simplistic, natural and earthy based big days. These weddings are the epitome of simplicity, with intimate groups of just the closest of friends and family of the couple with organic elements being a key feature.

This bride’s dress and headband, as well as the vibrate colored flowers are so dreamy.

boho wedding

This Boho beach inspiration shoot is perfect: carefree, natural, and very about the couple without all the fluff.

The setting for this wedding is ideal for the bohemian theme. With the forest as a backdrop, the brides flowing gown and the live band you can just imagine how great a party this must have been!

If you’re hoping to have a bohemian themed wedding, seek out elements from nature, an unstructured, flowing gown, and simplicity all around. A home-cooked meal to share, local flowers, friends to play the music, and an intimate outdoor setting all make up the perfect boho wedding!

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