When it comes to options in wedding attire, grooms seem to get the short end of the stick with few color options available to them beyond black, grey, and navy; that is, of course, until now and the sudden advent of the brightly colored suit. While we’ll never tire of the classic black tuxedo, we love seeing grooms up their fashion game and add pops of color and personality to their wedding garb.

For guys looking to step outside the box, but not too far, a blue suit is a great place to start. Everyone loves (and looks good in) blue and it’s just bold enough to be interesting without being too in your face.

blue groom suit

purple tuxedo

Jewel tones are hot for weddings right now, making purples, greens, and reds, all excellent on-trend color choices.

purple suit and yellow bow tie

dusty purple suit

maroon suit

green tuxedo

red tuxedo

red groom's suit

red groom suit

If you want to tone down the look a little you can always opt for a brightly colored pant paired with a more neutral jacket or vice versa.

orange suit pants

pink suit jacket

Or, for grooms feeling particularly bold, you can mix and match two bright colors together. Whichever route you choose to go with the colored suit, all you need to look mighty handsome is a little style savvy and a lot of confidence!

pink jacket and orange pants

purple and green suit

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