Despite the recession, destination weddings are on the rise, says a recent National Post article. Why?

I was recently asked this question by a journalist for an article on destination weddings.

It’s pretty obvious that the biggest reason weddings away are taking off is the budget factor. Generally speaking, destination weddings cost less because there are less  guests. (The average amount of guests at a destination wedding is 48.) Less guests = less money. Plus, couples usually combine their wedding with their honeymoon which saves money.

Another reason for the increase is that the options for destination weddings have exploded in recent years . Many venues offer complete package deals that make life easy for couples who don’t want to invest the time in planning a wedding from scratch.

Also, couples love the idea of treating their guests to a good time. What better way than a destination wedding? Weddings away are big on fun and they allow couples to spend quality time with friends and family members in a shared experience that’s remembered for a lifetime.