Dismissed as filler, ferns often get overshadowed by all those flashy flowers out there, but we think it’s about time it gets to play the starring role, don’t you? Clearly we’re not the only ones that feel this way, as ferns are one of the hottest wedding trends going – and deservedly so! Check out all the ways ferns can make your wedding fabulous.

For a beautiful (and inexpensive) way to decorate your aisle, why not line it with loads of ferns? The more the merrier, we say


These nature inspired wreaths would be perfect for a woodland wedding, but we think they’d look just as lovely indoors against a white walled space.


Flower crowns may be all the rage still, but we think these fern hairpieces are a pretty spectacular alternative for all you earthy brides out there.


Ferns add a certain fullness and lushness to this fresh green and white wedding bouquet, perfect for a spring bride.


The fern’s natural curve lends itself perfectly to this style of wall mounted wreath.


This fern embellished cake is so simple, but oh so gorgeous.


Ferns add an organic and whimsical touch to any place setting whether it’s formal, casual, or something in-between.



Ferns and bell jars – a match made in centerpiece heaven, if you ask us.


Just because ferns have a naturally rustic feel to them, doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate them into a modern wedding. We love how they’ve been paired here with modern geometric details.