Geometric and mosaic wedding cakes take inspiration from architecture, art movements and graphic forms. These stunning cakes go beyond the traditional tiered white cake and into a bold treat that will wow your guests!

Incorporate two trends by having an ombre filled hexagon effect that replicates the ocean in a subtle way.

You can also use your color palette in a tiered cake that has a flowing laser-cut design.

If you’re a fan of the white cake, a little update with metallic shapes can make all the difference.

Different sized shapes in a variety of colors will create a graphic piece that will wow your guests.

You can go back in time with an Art Deco inspired cake with soft grey and black highlights.

Who would have thought that pink and yellow triangles could have such a pretty look?. Especially with the addition of fresh flowers.

The bronze tier of this cake has a tiled pattern with delicate engravings, which is such a great contrast to the blue flowers.

Replicating the look of Mediterranean tiles and architecture will bring the islands straight to your venue. Even better if you’re having a destination wedding!

If you’re planning to make your own cake or give a shop bought one a makeover, 3D geometric cake toppers with lashings of caramel is all you need.

How stunning is this sea blue cake? Intricate and precise patterns work very well with cascading flowers and metallic touches.


These retro blocks mimic the shape of the cake and that glitter is the perfect finishing touch.


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