Metallics continue to be one of the biggest trends for 2013 weddings, finding a place with every style on the design spectrum, from flecks of gold at a vintage DIY wedding to glistening tabletops at a classic soiree. Everything that these luxe hues touch turns to pure sophistication.

Whether you add iridescent details to your cake or swathe it in shine, metallic tones are sure to make a statement. Balance out the bling with softer touches in color, sugar flowers, or designs.




This glam trend is extremely DIY-friendly — a simple spray of metallic paint or sprinkle of glitter take objects, such as branches, wine bottles, even fruit, from ordinary to opulent. (And yes, the fruit is edible thanks to Deli Garage paint!)




Even something as simple as a toy animal can turn into a lavish stirrer, magnet, place card, and more. See the full DIY project for these touches of whimsy here.


And don’t think your metallic color palette has to stick to neutrals — we’re seeing metallics in pastel shades such as mint, pink, and blue.




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