Although the Victorian days of carrying around a parasol to protect from the sun are long over, the parasol has made a major comeback in the world of weddings. A parasol can be used for photo props, as a wedding accessory and even as wedding decor. From paper to lace to fabric, there are many kinds of parasols to fit all wedding looks, although classic battenburg lace parasols with their geometric patterns and woven vintage look make for an elegant accessory.

A vintage parasol is also something to hold in your hands while you’re taking photos. Props usually always make photos easier. Get inspired by vintage beauties with parasols like Audrey Hepburn in My Fair Lady. In Victorian times, the parasol was a status symbol of sorts and many ladies had one to match each outfit. 


Give each of your bridesmaids a parasol to have everyone matching. You can find parasols in various colors and styles to match. Ask a vintage rental company if they have authentic vintage parasols to rent or buy a vintage parasol at an antique shop for a real vintage accessory.


Use the parasol to “hide” behind for a first look photo or get a cute photo of the bride and groom kissing behind one.


The beauty of vintage parasols is that each one is a slightly different. Even a mismatched look adds a fun element to accessories for the wedding party.


Have a stack of parasols out for your guests at an outdoor wedding, so they can protect themselves from the sun.


Love these colors!


Parasols also work as decorations to hang from the ceiling, or even from trees. They are usually not that expensive to buy in batches, so you can get many. We love this idea of hanging colored ribbons from each parasol.


These white and pastel blue parasols are so dreamy!


Parasols also come in different shapes and sizes. The smaller ones make a cute table centerpiece. Search online or wedding wholesale suppliers for “parasols” to find them and have fun with the vintage look. You can even get parasol drink stirrers to match your theme.