Move over tissue paper pom poms, paper honeycombs are back in style in a big way!

Once the epitome of kitschy 80’s wedding decor, honeycombs have seen a renewed surge in popularity as of late and are quickly becoming the paper decoration of choice for savvy event designers and creative brides alike. Personally, we couldn’t be happier to see these colorful spheres being used in a whole new set of fresh and fun ways, so we’ve rounded up some of our faves to share with our readers.

The most obvious way to decorate with honeycomb balls is to hang them from the ceiling, but to make things more interesting, why not use different sized honeycombs to create a chandelier-like installation?

hanging honeycomb decor

honeycomb balloons with tassels

Adding tassels to the honeycombs or clustering them with other paper decorations like poms, lanterns and fans adds different textures and more visual interest to the installation. The same goes for mixing up the colors.

honeycomb and paper pom chandelier

watercolor honeycomb balls

honeycomb balloon garland

Garlands are another great way to incorporate honeycombs into your wedding decor. How cute would the balloon garland look strung up over a dessert table?

purple and white honeycomb garland

honeycomb wedding altar

If you want to create some serious wow-factor without having to put in a ton of effort, all you have to do is take a whole bunch of honeycombs and pile them up. The round shape of the honeycombs lends itself well to this kind of floor installation and it doesn’t take a lot of work to make it look great.

white honeycomb balls in a wheelbarrow

pink and white honeycomb balls piled up

piled honeycomb balls with twinkle lights

Of course, honeycombs don’t have to be round. Using a variety of geometric shapes and bright bold colors are both very on trend right now.

multi-colred geometric honeycomb decorations

neon pink honeycomb centerpiece

Lastly, we love the idea of using honeycombs as centerpieces. Big or small, neon or neutral, they are a great way to dress up your table!

neutral colored honeycomb ceterpieces

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