From skinny white pinstripes to big fat bands of color, stripes are currently enjoying something of a revival in the wedding world, and while they’re definitely not a new trend, we love them all the same!  If you’re looking to include a stripe or two in your wedding day, here are some of our favorite ways to incorporate them.

Classic black and white stripes add a touch of whimsy to an otherwise plain envelope liner while ombre stripes kill two trends with one stone.

black striped wedding invitation

striped ombre wedding invitation

Stripes may be nothing new, but striped bridal gowns sure are. Oscar de la Renta came out with this bold black and white number last season and we think it’s a real show stopper.

black and white striped wedding dress

If you’re looking for a subtler option, this white on white striped number from Hayley Paige does the trick. Or you could add a striped blazer or cover up to your ensemble instead.

white striped wedding dress

pink striped bridal blazer

Striped bridesmaid dress

Unlike the ladies, gents are no strangers to rocking stripes–usually of the pinstripe variety–on their wedding day. And these days, as grooms get bolder in their attire choices, subsequently, so do the stripes.

striped suit

striped bow tie

Don’t you love how this striped aisle runner adds a little modern edge to a classically beautiful venue?

striped aisle runner

We think everything, from your tent to your linens, and all the little details in between, can benefit from the stripe treatment. Just make sure to pair them with solid colored elements so as not overwhelm the eye.

striped wedding tent

Striped tablecloth

black and white striped table runner

black and white striped straws

striped candle

And last, but not least, we love a fabulous striped wedding cake, don’t you?

pink striped wedding cake

gold striped cake

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