Bouquets of mixed blooms are the norm, but going for a bouquet filled with one type of flower in the same color has a stunning effect. If you have a penchant for pink peonies or red anemones, a bouquet of just that alone will be striking. This is also a great idea for your bridesmaids too, especially if you are carrying a mixed bouquet and want them to have something different. We’ve found 10 gorgeous summer bouquets for inspiration.

1. Protea 

This stunning flower is such a standout and you only need a few of them to create a bouquet. The oversized blooms have an almost whimsical look to them, and would work well in a forest or  outdoor venue.


2. Peony 

Peonies are a wedding favorite and for good reason. These magenta peonies will have your guests swooning as you walk down the aisle. The color is so bold that you won’t miss the addition of another type of flower.


3. Daisy 

This bouquet of daisies has a simple and delicate look. If you’re having a casual ceremony or elopement, then this is a good choice.


4. Rose 

When it comes to romance, the red rose reigns. For a truly classic bouquet, this is the way to go.


5. Baby’s Breath 

Baby’s breath requires no introduction. They can usually be found mixed in with many wedding bouquets and centerpieces.


6. Lavender 

Make like you’re in a French chateau with a rustic bouquet of fragrant lavender. Lavender is ideal for a countryside or barn wedding.


7. Anemone 

The vibrant mix of red, white and black in these anemones is all you need for a single bloom bouquet.

8. Tulip 

A bouquet of peach tulips is perfect for the pastel trend for spring.


9. Lilac 

The textured look of this lilac bouquet proves that if you choose an interesting bloom, then a single flower bouquet can be just as good as a mixed one.


10. Orchid 

An all-white bouquet of orchids would look amazing with a colored wedding dress!